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if you are a size 14, what size bra are you?

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ThatVikRinA22 Sat 22-Feb-14 01:21:41

sorry to be so personal!

im a 14 top and bottom. i used to be pear shaped but as ive got bigger i seem to be pretty even top and bottom. im not ecstatic to be a size 14, because i used to be a size 8. ive just got totally fed up of diets and my will power has all but gone.

im just curious as to what size boobs people have who are the same size as me.
im 5ft 4 and weigh 10st 10 at the moment. a little more than normal - but i just had an operation on my stomach and thought i would lose weight because of it so i basically ate what i wanted over xmas - mistake.
normally i weigh between 10st 4 and 10st 8.
cant quite believe ive not lost weight after the op but i havent.

i would prefer ideally to weigh 9st 7 but not been there for about 4 years.

i have just had to buy new bras. i am now a 34 DD. (pencil test still passed....! smile

i feel matronly and too big.

BOFtastic Sat 22-Feb-14 01:31:24

Oh god, me too. I really need to lose weight. I'm a 36F, I think.

scurryfunge Sat 22-Feb-14 01:32:49

Hi Vicar,
Don't worry about sizing. Different brands suggest different sizing? I am a stupid shape- size 8/10 lower half but 14 upper half due to ridiculous broad swimming/ gymnastic shoulders and now huge norks. I am triangular, no clothing fits! Just go with whatever clothing suits and don't worry about regular sizes.

MillyBlods Sat 22-Feb-14 01:33:34

I'm 34 E , 5ft 9 size 16 and an hourglass grin

TheAwfulDaughter Sat 22-Feb-14 01:35:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BOFtastic Sat 22-Feb-14 01:44:37

You are so right, AwfulDaughter grin

PuddingAndHotMilk Sat 22-Feb-14 01:47:20

I'm a 14/16 and a 34H/36GG

trader21c Sat 22-Feb-14 02:27:30

36C size 12/14

MooseBeTimeForSnow Sat 22-Feb-14 02:36:26

5'3" and size 14 top and bottom with a reasonable waist. I'm a breastfeeding enhanced 32G.

RedSpringer Sat 22-Feb-14 02:40:43


ToysRLuv Sat 22-Feb-14 04:03:43

Size 14, 1 stone 3 lb(ish), 5' 7, hourglass with a wide ribcage, 36C

ToysRLuv Sat 22-Feb-14 04:06:21

Oh, and I really am 36C -wide ribcage, smallish, quite pert boobs with nothing at all to "scoop".

Redtartanshoes Sat 22-Feb-14 04:44:47


WeightyKaty Sat 22-Feb-14 05:25:25

34F 5'9 14 stone hourglass

30hh and 5ft6 - average about a 14 in top and dresses, with a lot of belts needed.

dizhin79 Sat 22-Feb-14 07:02:26

a pregnant 36e or a m&s 38-40d hmm

dizhin79 Sat 22-Feb-14 07:03:13

sorry meant to add m&s was pregnant but pre mn intervention!

Polkadolly Sat 22-Feb-14 07:10:33

I'm 5"3 size 14 and a 36b. My bra never feels right though.

Fairylea Sat 22-Feb-14 07:13:43

Size 14, 30gg.

ClearlyMoo Sat 22-Feb-14 07:16:26

When I was a size 14 I was a 34F, I'm currently preggo and size 16/18 in Mat clothes and 38GG, I'm 5'7"

mrsnec Sat 22-Feb-14 07:17:14

I'm a large 12, 5ft 3 not sure what I weigh, but I wear a 36dd

Cherrypie32 Sat 22-Feb-14 08:11:27

I'm between size 14/16 weigh 12 stone and wear 34FF

AnythingNotEverything Sat 22-Feb-14 08:15:16

I'm bf and still carrying baby weight but at 5"10' I'm a 34J. Hoping to get back to a 32G at some point this year.

This thread is a bra intervention festival waiting to happen.

AnythingNotEverything Sat 22-Feb-14 08:15:34

Oh, and a 14-16.

KosherBacon Sat 22-Feb-14 08:16:02

12/14 and wear a 32F or 30FF depending on the brand. I'm losing weight and getting down to more of a 30 on the back. I was a 32f when I was a 14/16. I'm 5'4".

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