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Fed up with my looks

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bigoldbird Fri 21-Feb-14 18:11:24

Please can someone help me? I am 52, I have grey hair cut in a bob (I like it and am not going to dye it). I am probably about a size 20. Does anyone know anywhere that sells lovely clothes for large old ladies? Apart that is, from Evans, M&S, Simply Be. I want something a bit different. I like vintagey stuff, but really anything a bit smart for everyday sort of wear, or even dressy. I just seem to have lost my way completely and am fed up of wearing jeans. I see other large ladies looking beautiful, where do they shop? Do they make their own? I have no idea. Please, please, please help. Thank you very much.

Flangeofmingetown Fri 21-Feb-14 18:54:58

Hello, well depending on your personal style Lagenlook might be for you. I personally like flag dresses and layering and it can look very Euro-chic/Artsy if done well. It is also fuller figure friendly. eBay has some good stuff on there.

I love grey hair by the way and I'm growing mine in. I like the look of monochrome with grey hair and a really good red lipstick. My favourite one at the moment is a No7 one -love red. It stays on without bleeding.

I like some of Gudrun Sjoden stuff too. What sort of clothes do you like?

TheEmpress Fri 21-Feb-14 18:55:41

What about going to a big department store like John Lewis? Or Fenwicks? Ignore the brand names, but look at individual pieces.

OneLittleLady Fri 21-Feb-14 19:00:29

On the cheaper end, if you want to experiment a bit, Primark go up to a size 20 and New Look have a special range for plus size. The New Look stuff isn't amazing, they are better for jeans which you want to escape but there can be some nice bits and bobs if you have the time to look. Primark has a fairly nice spring range coming in at the minute, lots of longer length fifties type shape skirts which look quite nice and they always have a large range of waist length cardigans in a lot of different colours that would work with the skirts if you can do a 50's kind of look. ASOS do a range called CURVE for plus size which has some really nice bits in it, just be prepared to do a lot of searching for the things you want but they do free returns so you can send things back at no extra cost. Mango have just started doing a plus size range called Violeta and while I don't like the clothes, you might so worth a look.

Boltonlass1972 Fri 21-Feb-14 19:18:52

Rogers& Rogers Matalan

bigoldbird Fri 21-Feb-14 20:44:14

Wow, replies already. Thank you so much everyone. Definitely some ideas here for looking at over the weekend. We do live at the back of beyond so shopping is a bit difficult, added to which I hate it which doesn't help. However, if I visit a city I now have some ideas of where to look. There is a Matalan about 10 miles away so may do that tomorrow and have a look around on the Internet. I have never heard to Lagenlook so will have a look at them. I don't really know what my personal style is (I am that lost), but like vintagey looking stuff, also layered stuff, rock chicky stuff (maybe getting on a bit to do that), also really smart tailored stuff. I don't know, I need a personal stylist I think. Thank you so much for bothering to reply. Off to have a look at some of these on the Internet now.

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