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J Crew Pixie pants or Boden Bistro Crops

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truelymadlysleepy Fri 21-Feb-14 13:38:04

I'm looking for some navy spring trousers that are smarter than my usual jeans & leggings, but not formal.
I've got long 35" legs & a horrible muffin top.
Happy to pay a bit more for a flattering fit.
Any ideas?

Umlauf Fri 21-Feb-14 16:40:26

I've not tried the j crew but have been really pleased with my boden bistro crops. I'm quite pear shaped but find these to really flatter my thighs. They are high cut so hold my tummy in too.

GretaWolfcastle Fri 21-Feb-14 16:41:53

you cant buy something called a pixie pant

GretaWolfcastle Fri 21-Feb-14 16:42:36 ?

GretaWolfcastle Fri 21-Feb-14 16:43:23

ooh look at these

GretaWolfcastle Fri 21-Feb-14 16:45:32

ooh get these for your long legs

truelymadlysleepy Fri 21-Feb-14 17:12:38

Greta I share your objection, however I'm sure the name tag won't be visible grin
The BR website is confusing me. They say they do long but I can't find any.

Mitchell2 Fri 21-Feb-14 18:01:39

I have two pairs of the pixie pants - brought one on whim when I was in the states and I loved them so much I brought another pair.

I love wearing them as an alternative to jeans but I do usually wear them with longer tops / jumpers / tunics as they have a zip on the bum which isn't the greatest. But fit wise they are thick enough to hold everything in, and the fabric keeps its shape etc and are dressy enough to wear with some heels for a smart casual look.

truelymadlysleepy Fri 21-Feb-14 18:19:07

Thanks Mitchell, would you say they were thicker than leggings?

Mitchell2 Fri 21-Feb-14 18:20:08

Yes a lot thicker than normal leggings - kind of like jodhpurs?

truelymadlysleepy Fri 21-Feb-14 18:22:18

Great, I'll order some & report back.
Are there any discount codes flying about?

Lizzylou Fri 21-Feb-14 18:24:47

I have the Boden bistro full length jobbies, have a 33.5" inside leg, got long and they are more than long enough. They are very flattering.
Very different to the J Crew pixie things, totally different style.

TheWiseOldElf Fri 21-Feb-14 20:18:15

love love love my pixie pants! They go with everything and make me feel much more put together than jeggings or leggings but are just as comfortable. I would recommend sizing down if you want a snug fit. When I got them there was 25% off with code thankyou I think. My cousin who is a shade over 6 foot has the tall version and was really happy with the length.

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