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Changing diamond ring setting....

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FrankCarsonsDressingRoom Thu 20-Feb-14 22:33:16

I need to change my setting as the prongs seem flimsy (Got a 1ct round brilliant solitaire) and my husband wants to mark the end of a chapter (just had final baby)

So, I was wondering about getting a setting with a halo...but I'm fairly understated. Would it be v obvious? I think they look Rilly noice....I just have a few pieces of jewellery which is why I preferred this idea to getting another ring (already got an eternity) and I couldn't ever trust myself with diamond earrings (another of his ideas).

Has anybody changed a setting? Tia

mrscumberbatch Thu 20-Feb-14 22:46:16

Changing a setting is easy enough if you want the same stone but a different style of ring.

I'm not sure what a halo is though. Is it a surround of smaller stones?

You may find that depending on the cut of the original stone and your desired setting that it might not be the best choice to get the most out of the stone.

I'd recommend going into a workshop to get some quotes. It's impossible to say yes without seeing what you're working with.

I always recommend not going to chain jewellers as you'll get a better price in an independent. (Also most chains farm out their repairs anyway so at least with a smaller store you know exactly who has your jewellery!)

FrankCarsonsDressingRoom Thu 20-Feb-14 23:04:24

Yeah, it's a surround of smaller stones, but the ones I've seen would make the head 9.6 mm assuming a circle of you think that would be too big on a L finger? Isn't that about the same size as a 2 ct stone? I like the look, but not sure if it would be me

FrankCarsonsDressingRoom Thu 20-Feb-14 23:05:35

Mrs c, is there a rule of thumb? I did look fir guidance online but the American fora all seem to think that anything less than 2 carats is tiny lol

Onesleeptillwembley Thu 20-Feb-14 23:09:15

I know it's not what you're asking, but halos look tacky. A bit like those princess cut rings with lots of smaller stones. A one carat is a nice size if your finger is wide enough (.8 is my limit, size I finger, any bigger looks awful).

FrankCarsonsDressingRoom Thu 20-Feb-14 23:26:02

Yes, I am actually worried about it looking tacky....I saw them quite a lot in america over Christmas and hadn't seen them before....

Apatite1 Fri 21-Feb-14 00:01:33

Very popular in the US but not so much here. Not my personal style. How about a bezel?

mrscumberbatch Fri 21-Feb-14 10:18:27

I think it must be an American trend as its not really something I have ever been asked about, I do see rings in a similar vein but never labelled as having a halo.

As for size, it's all relative. If your hand suits bigger rings then you're fine, if it doesn't then it won't.

Maybe see if you can find something similar to try on in a jewellers to give you an idea before you take the plunge.

A bezel setting is probably the more popular choice. (I have an Edwardian diamond and baguette sapphire one) but the suitability is again all down to the stone.
You might find that the cut of the stone is better suited to an 'open' claw setting to let the light in. Or the stone might be long from the point to the face of it that your setting would have to be too wide to accommodate and look rubbish.

It's all conjecture at the moment really as its impossible to say which would suit better without seeing what you're dealing with. grin

Go to a workshop with an open mind. Say that you want 'some sort of diamond surround' and see what examples they can give you to try on.

FrankCarsonsDressingRoom Sat 22-Feb-14 08:10:38

Well I have a v simple prong setting just now precisely because I wanted to maximise light etc...does adding bits like bezel reduce the impact?

mrscumberbatch Sat 22-Feb-14 11:47:23

An open setting will let more light into the stone, so usually the cut of stones chosen for these rings is specifically for this purpose.

With a ring with a bezel or turnover setting, the light only hits from the front. So the stones chosen tend to be cut flatter to reflect more light as there's no benefit from a deeper stone.

The jewellers might have some pre-made settings that they can sit your stone in to give you in idea of the final look.

SELondonSwede Sat 22-Feb-14 11:53:35

Are you near hatton gardens in london or the jewellery quarter in birmingham? There are several outstanding jewellers there that can work with you and your stone.

cheeseandpineapple Sat 22-Feb-14 11:56:36

Congratulations! Can you post a pic of what you're thinking of or is this what you mean

How many children do you have and what gender? My only thought is having the same number of significant pieces of jewellery as children so for example if 3 children and you already have eternity ring, diamond ring, maybe get a diamond pendant, something to pass on to each one eventually...

FrankCarsonsDressingRoom Sun 23-Feb-14 06:04:15

I've got two amazing wee boys.....

I also have....
A tennis bracelet
An eternity ring
A rope of pearls
Fancy watch
Necklaces are out (how could I wear one with two marauding children?)
I just don't need (ok, "need" here is subje tive) anything else, so the only thing I could think of was a new setting which we need to get anyway....

I like a few pieces of jewellery, don't wear loads of accessories....but, oh, I do love other thought was getting a trilogy

KosherBacon Sun 23-Feb-14 07:02:15

I like the idea of a trilogy or a other right hand ring.

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