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What to buy in a French Pharmacy?

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ishouldcocoa Thu 20-Feb-14 17:45:24

I'm in France and need to get my DM a present. No nice shops around but v smart pharmacy laden with smart cosmetics and unguents. Looks like a scary place to go into. Staff all with white coats etc.

Any idea of any nice brands that would be worth getting that aren't in the U.K.? She deserves a treat.


PasswordProtected Thu 20-Feb-14 18:44:59

How is your French? Go in and ask for something suitable?

VivaLeBeaver Thu 20-Feb-14 18:48:53

Saw the title and was going to say that amazing nasal decongestant spray. grin

MissMalonex2 Thu 20-Feb-14 19:09:39

Caudalie - it is in UK but much cheaper in France

Deathwatchbeetle Thu 20-Feb-14 19:28:50

Check out Lisa Eldridge on you tube - if you go toher channel or blog she tells you of some stuff she recommends from French Pharmacies. Also google Gwenneth Paltrow as she also apparently has a list of things she loves from there. Some we can get here but may be cheaper over there.

Bodeccia Thu 20-Feb-14 19:35:09

Anything from this brand:

They have started selling in the UK online, but are cheap and brilliant prducts. Get some for yourself too smile

tethersend Thu 20-Feb-14 19:39:22

Me too Viva- stock up on Monouril cystitis cure grin

dreamingbohemian Thu 20-Feb-14 19:47:14

Caudalie is really nice, and often sold in little gift sets

Bioderma looks a little less fancy but amazing skincare. Vichy, La Roche Posay, Avene also very good (LRP has the most amazing lip balm)

You'll see loads of stuff you can get, don't be afraid! It's very common in France for people to go in and ask their opinion, have 20 minute conversations about eye creams, etc. they will help you.

dreamingbohemian Thu 20-Feb-14 19:50:59

Actually the eye creams are amazing, would she like that? Avene do a lovely one (I think it's Serenage), there are loads of serums and things too.

HelloBoys Thu 20-Feb-14 20:13:58

Nuxe! Le Petit Marseillaise. Le Chat shower gel etc (or in supermarkets).

ishouldcocoa Fri 21-Feb-14 14:27:10

Oh thank you all very much! I feel much more informed, now.

Will go out in a bit and report back on what I get.

Thank you again.

Twinklestein Fri 21-Feb-14 14:31:00

Another vote for Caudalie, and I'd get some Guinot 'Nutrition Confort' moisturiser.

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