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No7 cool vanilla foundation- is it cool, warm or neutral in tone because it doesn't look cool....

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Flangeofmingetown Thu 20-Feb-14 14:18:21

Need some help from those good with colours. I had the colour match thing done recently and was told I am a cool vanilla. It is a pretty good match (I made them do it on my neck as I have high colouring on my cheeks) maybe a tad grey but it blends along the jaw line so no tidemarks.

I can't find any info online about what base this has. It doesn't look very cool when swatched and I think the vanilla aspect is throwing me a bit.

The other thing is that there is no shade of pink that suits me lipstick wise so I can't quite fathom I am cool in skin tone. My natural hair colour when young was a warm chestnut. I am told I suit warm lipsticks like bricks and terracotta.

Any help appreciated.x

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