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I need a funky haircut, recommend Great Hairdressers in Newport/Blackwood South Wales,

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Earthymama Thu 20-Feb-14 10:28:44

I have short white blonde hair, that needs an excellent cut to look good.
I like a very defined cut and I am open to suggestions.
What I don't want is the uniform short cut for women over 50 that is all I get lately. I do not want to look in the mirror and see my mother in a style like the Queen!!
I had the Best Ever Hair Stylist ever, but he moved and appointments are as rare as hens teeth.
Please help, I am going to Brighton next week, I want some style!!
Like this but with long side pieces

lookingforbaubles Thu 20-Feb-14 20:30:49

if you could travel to pontyclun --very close to an M4 junction, the wonderful Ruth at Kudos is the only hairdresser i have ever been to and not gone home after wards to wash/dry/cry at my own hair!

Earthymama Mon 24-Feb-14 08:26:05

Thanks Baubles for replying. My Best Ever Hair Stylist is about that far away, and public transport is a nightmare to another Valley. It would be easier to go to London!!
He has free appointments from mid-March so DP wants to trim our hair and wait until then bit I feel so drab and down.

Eldest Grandson calls me Funky Nan but I am Definately not meeting his high standards!

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