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Cashmere care advice please

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sugar4eva Thu 20-Feb-14 10:12:49

Have just bought my first Brora cardigan in the sale and it is lovely. Am trying to buy less but better and treasure this item! I used to not wear my best stuff and am determined to entity this cardi!
Does anyone know how often I can wear it p w without wearing it out ; I mean wear it but still try to encourage it to last?
Also I bought a little vest that matches it and looks lovely with said cardi! The issue is this means that my skin / armpits are in touch with the cardigan so presumably that means I will need to wash it after a day or two days? I have worn it for three days to test this and it does not smell but I'm wondering if it could harm the cardi if I don't with depdrant being in contact with it in that area? I guess the animal it came from didn't wear doedrant! Therefore it not natural to be in contact with the cashmere if u c what mean!
But will washing every two days limit the life of my cardi? I could of course wear a tea shirt on other days so skin not next to cardi. I'm trying to balance out the impact of washing with the longevity issue! Also is worn do I keep it aired out of w drobe as this may encouraged moths, I've never had woollies before you see as seem to get a rash with wool so at a grand old age I've got my first cardi - except cotton- and it's so toasty and cosy I want to look after it! Thanks smile

dexter73 Thu 20-Feb-14 10:44:03

I have a few Brora sweaters and find they are very hardy. I have accidently washed one at 40C and it came out fine (thank god!!).
I would think wearing it for 2 or 3 days is ok before washing it. I have no idea if deoderant affects the wool but mine don't seem to have suffered.
I wash mine on a wool wash at 30C with a liquid wool wash and no fabric softener and then hang them on an airer to dry (I know you are supposed to dry them flat but they seem alright on the airer).
Enjoy your cashmere!

sugar4eva Thu 20-Feb-14 11:37:16

Thank you! Will do ; no going back. !

Aquelven Thu 20-Feb-14 13:09:59

I've no idea about deodorant either but wash them the same as dexter.
Sometimes I hand wash in Woolite & give them a quick spin. I dry them on an airer too.
Some of mine I've had for years & it doesn't seem to have done them any harm. In winter I keep them in a drawer but if I want to store them away for summer I put them in plastic bags( having washed them first) & put them in a cupboard. I put one of those moth killer sachets you can get in supermarkets in the cupboard but not inside the bag.

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