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Where to look for work dress inspiration

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Boleh Thu 20-Feb-14 04:12:12

I can't quite believe I'm posting somewhere called 'style' - it's not my strong point so I'm after some help blush

I discovered about 3 years ago that the way forward for work clothes for me was dresses. No trying to co-ordinate in the morning and no pinchy waistbands smile

Last year I moved to Malaysia and bought some light cotton dresses for work before I left, however they were rapidly ditched as the office aircon is freezing the the dresses feel holiday-ish to me. So I'm back in my UK dresses. However these are starting to look a bit tired and all have nasty polyester linings which are hot and sticky when I'm outside even briefly. I can get clothes made here (but can't buy them - not an Asian shape!) so I have bought some fabric and am looking for styles that I could ask a dressmaker to copy. I'm a UK 14 at the moment, hopefully heading back towards a 12.

The fabrics are a couple of light wool blends and a polycotton in various shades of grey and pinstripe (I know, I'm so exciting!) and I have a cotton/silk blend for the lining.

So can anyone point me in the direction if lovely online places to find work dresses to have copied. In that sense money is no object as I'm not after the actual dress smile

My current favourite dresses are both shift dresses, one with cap sleeves, the other sleeveless and I'm tempted to just go with the same style but I'd like other ideas. Only major constraint is not too much cleavage, I have a Pepperberry dress with a sweetheart neckline that I like but have decided really is inappropriate for the office here.

BikeRunSki Thu 20-Feb-14 05:00:32

I get work dresses from Me&Em, Boden and Phase 8.

bunnymother Thu 20-Feb-14 07:04:39

Mmm, I agree - no sweetheart necklines at work. Do you like the shapes of the LK Bennett, Hobbs, Jaeger and Boden dresses? All those brands have dresses in structured, shift like shapes from woven fabrics, which it sounds like you are using? Knit, or Jersey dresses, are probably not helpful to you?

Boleh Thu 06-Mar-14 08:49:48

Thanks folks - sorry for the huge delay in responding, I'm really not good at focussing on clothes!

I think of those suggestions Hobbs and LK Bennett have ones that are closest to my style. I think I'm looking for shift dresses with a cap sleeve so I don't keep showing my bra straps! Need to decide on things like neckline and any detailing.

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