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Cost of thread vein removal?

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mellojello Wed 19-Feb-14 21:08:21

Hi, I have a red spot above my lip which Im sure is like a burst blood vessel, it looks really horrible.

I admit that I am 100% sure think i prodded and poked, and therefore caused it.

Its been there for 12 months now, Im wondering wether a salon is able to fix it for me?

Has anyone had a similar problem, many thanks.

springchicken73 Wed 19-Feb-14 21:31:01

waiting with interest,would like to banish the little blighters from around my nose.

bonzo77 Wed 19-Feb-14 21:37:19

I had something very similar but very close to my eye. I'd had it for about 3 years and it wasn't fading (unlike a previous one which went completely). My uncle is a cosmetic dermatologist and wouldn't touch it. He recommended this guy. The initial consult was £350 then I've had 2 treatments at £300 each. The cost made me feel slightly sick, but it's gone. I'm fairly low maintenance (no make up, no gym membership, no hair dye, cheapish hairdresser) and felt this was worth spending on. I would not go to a salon, go to someone medically qualified. It's too risky to mess about with something on your face.

fiftyandfab Thu 20-Feb-14 00:11:34

I had some cosmetic vein issues a couple of years ago (campbell de it) was in a rather embarrassing place!!! Cost me £95 in a salon to eradicate and I was delighted! Go for a consultation, anyone worthy will assess you FOC and give you an estimate of the whole treatment.

I had a lengthy initial consultation with the lady to satisfy myself she wasn't a charlatan.

PS...I'm high maintenance!! grin

mellojello Fri 21-Feb-14 18:51:04

Thanks, I will look into it all,

cerealqueen Fri 21-Feb-14 19:19:41

You can have an electrolysis type treatment (simply called thread vein removal, goggle and see what comes up), or laser treatment?

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