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Playsuit with tights?

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Loveyouthree Wed 19-Feb-14 20:07:37

Fingers crossed DP and I will have a babysitter next weekend. This never happens so we're hoping to go out in town (clubs, bars etc) and be young for once get very drunk

I like this playsuit:

But I don't like my legs... So could I wear tights of some description or would it look ridiculous?

I'm 24 and a size 8, but only 5"0 blush

SecretLimonadeDrinker Wed 19-Feb-14 20:55:19

Love the play suit, I would wear tights but I rarely bare my legs. Enjoy your night out smile

rainbowfeet Wed 19-Feb-14 20:58:35

Love play suits but I'm too old & fat for them!
Black opaque tights would look fab to funk it up I'd go for a chunky statement necklace in gold & an oversize clutch bag.. Lush. grin

Loveyouthree Wed 19-Feb-14 21:04:22

Thank you, I'm all excited now!!

Will definitely accessorise - like the sound of the chunky necklace.

Ok this will make me sound really silly but here goes... I think that clutch bags do look glamorous but don't they get annoying holding them all night?!

Got some black suede wedges I was going to wear, and opaque tights yes. I can't get my legs out, I just can't! smile

50ShadesOfMaybe Thu 20-Feb-14 07:04:35

Of course you can wear tights with it. Still too cold for bare legs - whatever they are like! And I am sure yours are fine.

You will look fab with suede wedges. (If it looks a bit "heavy" with opaque tights you could try some lacy ones?)

Enjoy your night out.

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