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Anyone use clinique cream blusher?

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Jemster Wed 19-Feb-14 18:14:31

I treated myself to a clinique cream stick blusher as powder makes my skin look dry. My friend uses this cream one and she always looks healthy and glowing with it on.
I just can't seem to get it right. I put a fair bit on and blend it in but when I saw myself in a shop mirror earlier I looked ill with no colour at all in my face!
Where on earth does it go? I had even put a bit of loose powder on top but it had all vanished. How is best to apply this? I worry on the one hand I will over do it and look sunburnt or like Aunt Sally but I do want it to make a difference to how I look as it cost enough!

Aquelven Wed 19-Feb-14 19:29:26

I bought one & couldn't get on with it either. Although I'm really pale it didn't seem to show up at all.
I've since bought a Nars one & that's much much better. It was more expensive but you don't need to use much & it's a big stick that lasts ages.

TheJumped Wed 19-Feb-14 19:34:34

I use it - you have to use loads more than you'd think, I make several swipes across my cheek then blend with my fingers. It has better staying powder over better foundation iyswim, if I wear cheapo foundation it tends to slide off. I much prefer it to powder blush and like it as a stick. I've tried the Revlon one (zero pigment) a No7 one (zero pigment) and an Estée Lauder one which is ok, but I do rebuy the Clinique one. I also like the NARS 'multiple' stick but use it more as a highlighter (shade Orgasm) in addition to my Clinique for evenings.

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