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help me dress my post baby figure

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cartoontrickster Wed 19-Feb-14 15:48:58

I had my son 6wks ago, I gained around 3st whilest pregnantblush . needless to say none of my regular clothes fit yet, I still have 2st to loose. I am pretty much living in joggers and leggings some of which are too tight. I seem to be a very odd shape now, a weekend shopping trip left me feeling worse when I couldn't get anything to fit right. it doesn't help that most days I don't find the time to do my hair or put on a bit of makeup so I just feel like I look a complete mess. how can I quickly and easily make myself look half decent?

thereisnoeleventeen Wed 19-Feb-14 16:18:34

Congratulations on your new son! have you had your 6 week check yet? I felt like a very odd shape after dc1 and it turned out that my tummy muscles had separated, the Dr referred me for physio and the muscles started going back together again which helped with my clothes (that might not be the case for you at all but it's worth checking out just in case...).

Meanwhile spanx are good, as is getting fitted for a new good bra. Also some good under eye tiredness concealer (clinique air brush or similar) makes you feel better. I find getting my hair done too helps.

After that I usually get a jersey dress to wear with leggings (that fit) or tights, and a jacket/cardie, that way you are buying stuff that fits but you don't have to worry so much about the waist. That way as you lose weight your clothes still fit and you are making the most of the bits of your body that have not changed shape so much as opposed to the ones that have.

I struggle with jeans for quite some time after tbh, partly because my tummy muscles separate every time.

6 weeks is still really early, once your baby gets into a bit of a pattern and starts being asleep at the same time every morning you might be able to get in the shower, hair dried and make up done before they wake.

cartoontrickster Wed 19-Feb-14 16:53:14

Hi! I had a very rushed 6wk check yesterday as they messed up my appointment. The only thing she did for me was have a look down below as I'd had problems with my stitches and asked if I was well, that was it. how would I know if my tummy muscles have separated?
silly as it is I never think to reach for a dress. I just look sadly at everything I cant wear at the moment.

thereisnoeleventeen Wed 19-Feb-14 19:17:26

This simple self-test will help you determine if you have diastasis recti.

1.Lie on your back with your knees bent, and the soles of your feet on the floor.
2.Place one hand behind your head, and the other hand on your abdomen, with your fingertips across your midline-parallel with your waistline- at the level of your belly button.
3.With your abdominal wall relaxed, gently press your fingertips into your abdomen.
4.Roll your upper body off the floor into a "crunch," making sure that your ribcage moves closer to your pelvis.
5.Move your fingertips back and forth across your midline, feeling for the right and left sides of your rectus abdominis muscle. Test for separation at, above, and below your belly button.

(above copied from elsewhere)'s a shame the messed your 6 week check up, could you book another one?

cartoontrickster Wed 19-Feb-14 20:00:48

I think I will make another appointment soon as I'm sure there must be more to check over with myself. I'm pretty sure she did the full check with ds though.
thanks for that I will do that test and see what I think.
I was a bit unprepared for the massive change on my body after birth, I mean i was never that toned or anything but this jelly belly is unreal grin

Leviticus Thu 20-Feb-14 08:57:30

OP please don't despair. It is really shocking to see yourself after having a baby but I promise you that even if you made no conscious effort to diet or exercise your natural shape would return over the next few months (obvs healthy eating and fitness will improve your tone and weight - I'm not saying not to bother).

cartoontrickster Thu 20-Feb-14 10:45:46

thanks lev thats really reassuring.

cartoontrickster Thu 20-Feb-14 11:33:00

I feel abit better today, I've had time to do my hair and make up.
I think there must be more items that will work in my wardrobe than I think. I have heaps of clothes but its hard now not being able to grab what ever and know it fits.
I've been reading on another thread and I think if I organised myself better, planned my outfits and knew what fitted and looked ok then half the problem would be solved.
I do wonder how mums find the time to look after themselves and the baby.

schmalex Thu 20-Feb-14 11:58:16

I feel for you cartoon, this will be me in a few weeks!

Last time, I went for a cheapy shop to Primark and similar to pick up a few new things for that interim period. It does take a while for your uterus to reduce in size. Primark's version of Spanx are very good and dead cheap!

I found a bit of make up, washing hair and wearing nice accessories worked wonders. At least jewellery and scarves will always fit.

I got back to fairly close to my pre-preg figure last time but it did take a few months so go easy on yourself.

homeaway Thu 20-Feb-14 13:47:59

Have a look at the me and em website as their dresses are really comfy and easy to wear ; they have a sale on at the mo. They have some rushed skirst as well with elasticated waists which would work well. Get yourself a couple long cami tops that can be worn under a cardi. I think dresses are your friend at the mo, just throw one and you are ready to go, no thinking involved.
This is an example of a dress, the look short but are not irl


PetShopGirl Thu 20-Feb-14 13:58:06

Jeggings all the way as far as I'm concerned. I bought a few pairs from Dorothy Perkins in different colours and found that having that bit more structure than leggings really helped pull my tummy in without being too restrictive, as well as looking more 'dressed' and even perhaps vaguely fashionable. Paired them with various oversize longsleeved tops from H&M that hid the whole offending area. Long vests (H&M also good for these) showing underneath the tops seemed to break up the sillhouette bit too, as well as being handy for BF-ing.

PetShopGirl Thu 20-Feb-14 13:59:02

Helped break up the silhouette A bit.

cartoontrickster Thu 20-Feb-14 16:16:53

I will have a look at primarks shape wear at the weekend, are the jeggings in there any good? I mainly just get stretchy T's and vests in there usually.
I seem to be very inbetween, have the dreaded muffin top but then the next size is slightly too big. so I think dresses may well be best for a little while at least. I tend to not really wear dresses in the day as I feel a bit 'over done'. Better over done though than looking like a slob in tight joggers.
luckily ds slept this morning while I showered, did hair and make up. I have one pair of jeggings that are ok with a baggy top and I ignore the slight discomfort, I usually wear these if I'm going out, but it took a few changes of top to find something that looked acceptable. so I slightly feel more like myself today. it's amazing how much it can affect your mood.

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