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Wearing in shoes, does it really work?

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Tt1803 Wed 19-Feb-14 11:40:01

Last year I bought some SUCH nice silver shoes from Zara that I was just obsessed with. They were fine until I wore them for more than an hour and suddenly became literally CRIPPLING. I put them away and mourned them ever since. I love them though and desperately want to bring them back should the weather ever warm up. Should I give it a go trying to wear them in? I am 4 months preg with number 2 so maybe I am mad adding more discomfort to my life but being fat and frumpy (and REALLY strapped) is making me yearn even more for nice things. What do we think?

NaffOrf Wed 19-Feb-14 11:41:33

Not in my experience. Sorry OP - I've tried this loads of times as have v. big feet. It never works. Flog them on ebay & buy some better shoes?

sinningsaint Wed 19-Feb-14 12:46:59

I have never not worn a pair of shoes in, always adamant they WILL become comfy!! Go for it, just keep wearing them round the house whenever you can. Also may sound crazy but if/when your feet start to swell try them then as it will stretch them for when you're not preg any more and have normal sized feet again wink

vitaminC Wed 19-Feb-14 13:03:36

It depends why they hurt!

If they're too small (or the wrong shape) for your feet, nothing will make them grow a whole shoe size, however, if they're just stiff, then wearing them in will definitely help.

I nearly always wear new shoes around the house with thick socks for an hour or two at a time, for several days (or weeks even) before I wear them to go out, because I HATE getting blisters!

NoGoatsToe Wed 19-Feb-14 15:02:38

I did this recently with a pair of leather shoes I bought while away on holiday and didn't realise until I got home that they were half a size too small. I put on my thickest socks - or 2 thinner pairs - put the shoes on and then heat them up with a hairdryer for a couple of minutes each. Keep them on until cooled. I think it only works with leather shoes, but it does work!

Aquelven Wed 19-Feb-14 15:24:32

Get some shoe stretchers.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 19-Feb-14 15:37:39

I just read a tip about this, don't know if it works, it came from Marie Helvin (in the paper, she's not my friend) grin

Wear the shoes and when they start to rub, put a plaster on the rubbed parts and wet the plaster, then wear them some more and the dampness stretches and moulds that part.

Good luck.

princessalbert Wed 19-Feb-14 15:39:56

I think it only will work for leather shoes - or fabric. Any man made plastic won't ever stretch.

Try with a pair of socks - just sit in them for a while. Progress down to tights/bare feet.

sinningsaint Wed 19-Feb-14 19:18:25

Another tip, fill to freezer bags with water and place in the shoes, put in the freezer (in another carrier bag) and take out when they are fully frozen. Water expands when it turns to ice and will in turn stretch your shoes!

specialsubject Wed 19-Feb-14 19:20:48

shoes that hurt don't fit or are badly designed. Heavy leather walking boots need breaking in.

your fashion shoes don't. Chuck. Price is no guarantee, in fact designer shoes are notorious for poor quality.

if you are pregnant your feet may be bigger anyway.

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