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Best long wearing foundation for oily skin

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jjbeauty123 Wed 19-Feb-14 10:46:32

Hey mums,
Been on the hunt for a perfect foundation. Have an oily/combination complexion and find that no matter what i do by 11am my makeup has pretty much disappeared or gone shiny? Anyone know any good foundations? Not looking to fork out too much money either


Walnut8 Wed 19-Feb-14 11:01:48

If you're looking for budget, then the Revlon ones are really good. Revlon Colorstay (oily/combo) is great for staying put on oily skin.

I have read that for really oily skin, you will need to powder or use blotting paper every once in a while, regardless of what foundation you use, for makeup to stay on all day.

Doodee7 Thu 20-Feb-14 17:22:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

mrsravelstein Thu 20-Feb-14 17:24:35

bourjois 1-2-3 perfect is AMAZING, stays totally matte for 12+ hours and throughout my kickboxing workout...

The Lancome Tient Miracle 24H one stays put very well. Doublewear does too but it's far more matt looking

GeorginaWorsley Thu 20-Feb-14 18:31:20

I have exactly same problem
I have used
Estée Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear light
Dior Flawless
Boots Ever matte
Revlon color stay
Clarins Everlasting

Plus loads of others that I can't remember !
Estée Lauder probably stays the longest but is a bit flat for me.
Clarins is the one I'm using now,it is good but possibly just a tiny bit too pink for me.

Sammie101 Thu 20-Feb-14 18:33:20

Revlon colour stay is amazing! I used loads of primers to try and tame my oily t-zone and I just use this foundation and powder and don't have to worry about it smile

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