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Merrell Ellenwood or Haven

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mrs2cats Tue 18-Feb-14 21:49:03

I live in the North East and, being a soft southerner, suffer from the cold.
I'm looking for a warm, waterproof coat and these 2 coats seem to come up a lot on mumsnet. Which one is warmer? I seem to gather that the Haven is warmer but the Ellenwood is more waterproof. Is that right?

Just got back from a very wet weekend in Glasgow where my Landsend down coat got soaked through on the shoulders. I've had it a few years so I'm guessing that the water resistance has decreased in the meantime. I don't tend to carry an umbrella around much so a coat must have a hood and be waterproof.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm open to them. I'm not looking at spending more than £130 though so, for example, the North Face Arctic is out of my price range at the moment sad.

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