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Know nothing about "getting nails done" Help!

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sparkysparkysparky Tue 18-Feb-14 09:09:22

I'm going to family wedding and fancy getting my nails done. Can't do 'em myself anymore - one hand doesn't work so well. I know the word shellac but don't know what it means. What do I ask for at the salon. And how long will it take? my nails are short but even length. No doubt I will be the afternoon laugh for the nail technician.Help!

KoalaFace Tue 18-Feb-14 09:15:47

Oooh what a lovely treat, having a mani always makes me feel very pampered!

Shellac nails last longer than normal nail varnish but need to be removed with acetone. If you peel it off it is bad for your nails.

If you just want nice nails I'd go for a classic manicure. They'll file, do your cuticles, hand massage, paint nails. If your nails are short and even they'll still look lovely painted with a nice colour. In fact I have good strong nails that are easy to grow long but always keep shorter because I think they look neater and more modern short.

rubyflipper Tue 18-Feb-14 09:16:08

No, you won't. The nail technician will have seen far worse than your hands.
Shellac is a nail polish that is really shiny and lasts for up to 3 weeks before it has to be soaked off with acetone. The process takes about 45 minutes.

sparkysparkysparky Tue 18-Feb-14 10:29:30

Thanks very much. I'll keep it classic . And I still fit into my fab pre-everything evening dress - 1940s style black sparkly halterneck! ok it's stretchy but ... hooray for me.

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