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Navy heels for super wide feet

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HappyAsEyeAm Tue 18-Feb-14 08:47:20

I have bunions, which means that I have to buy wide fit shoes to be able to squeeze them in. And then, to stop the shoe coming off, I need it either to come very high up my foot, or I need a strap across. This is because my feet are not actually wide, but I need the wide fit to accommodate the bunions.

Shoe shopping is a nightmare. The only place I have been able to find heels that fit is in M&S wide fit footglove range, but they don't have anything in navy.

I have tried Hotter.

Anywhere else please? Any finish - patent is fine, leather fine, even suede.

southeastastra Tue 18-Feb-14 08:49:40

have these they're super comfy and come in a few colours

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 18-Feb-14 09:02:58

They're nice, but they will come off my feet as son as I take a step, unfortunately. My foot is only wide on my bunion, so I need to have some kind of strap higher up the foot to keep the shoe on.

This is as close as I'm coming to what I need Lotus shoes but even those aren't ideal as really I need an adjustable strap and they aren't really navy.

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 18-Feb-14 09:08:00

Mary Janes are the name for what I need, I think.

DaftSkunk Tue 18-Feb-14 13:49:09

How about these?

LaTrucha Tue 18-Feb-14 14:15:13

Clarks wide fitting there are navy bue mary janes at the top I like and some plain ones further down.

tethersend Tue 18-Feb-14 14:25:14


HappyAsEyeAm Tue 18-Feb-14 15:06:27

Thank you all.

Daft I hadn't seen these! They look good, a bit low, but hey. Unfortunately they are sold out in a 3, which is my size, but I could try a 4 as there is a strap.

LaT The Clarks ones are the best I've found by far. I am going to try them in this week.

tethers The strap comes too high up my foot in the duo ones, unfortunately. I know it will rub.

Thanks everyone for looking. V much appreciated thanks

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