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sexy undies?

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sexypantsformum Mon 17-Feb-14 19:33:15

i will admit to a name change here! mainly because a friend knows my normal nn.
im looking to get a bit sexy in the bedroom...i have recently lost some weight and im a bit more body confident.
what kinda thing could be sexy but not make me feel like a total twit.
im not looking at costumes im thinking sexy undies and the like...what kind of things would be a good starting point?
and no im not a middle aged saddo looking for pants pics of milfs. i am a 35 yr old mum of 4!

BloodFlower Mon 17-Feb-14 20:05:00

It really depends upon your budget, but perhaps something like this with matching knickers, maybe some hold-ups or stockings and a decent (ie. one with metal suspender clips) suspender belt.

I always feel more comfortable in slightly sexy underwear which is suitable for everyday wear. That way I don't feel awkward or try-hard, and I can enjoy feeling sexy outside of the bedroom too smile

How about silky or satiny bra and knicker sets?

ImMarmite Mon 17-Feb-14 20:13:21

Depending on budget, boux avenue do some lovely stuff. They will help with fitting too...

Primark do some nice cheap end sets that wash well

Good luck & enjoy wink

I'm not sure what size you are but for example you could try a Fauve bra and knicker set, or perhaps the Bravissimo Satine set (which has a basque option) or alternatively something like a black Masquerade Hestia bra which you could match with various black silky knickers. I haven't tried the bras but there are a lot of reasonably priced knickers also in Boux Avenue.

Careful of Boux Avenue fitting service - they are known to be quite ropey and a lot of the branches still do +4 method

First off, make sure the fit is right - go to Bravissimo or follow the guide here

Nice sets/brands - Cleo by Panache, Masquerade (also panache), Curvy Kate makes some lovely things (the carmen longline set is beautiful), Bravissimo own brand, Fauve (look on leia or brastop for good deals on this) , and Ewa Michalak ( a polish brand) do some absolutely fantastic sets which look great on.

M&S have beautiful silk camis and knickers at the moment. I really, really want them but they are expensive. so gorgeous though

What about a babydoll like the ritzy or marcie

Statistically, I haven't tried the Boux Avenue bras yet although I notice that they are doing some larger cup sizes so thought I maybe could try some on. I did think their knickers were good though and they worked well with the Masquerade Hestia.

If I tried their bras I wouldn't let them measure me. Have you tried their bras for 'quality'?

I haven't although from what I've heard and read they are just. Kind of la senza five years back before they went neon. You can probably get known brands like panache for similar prices on amazon etc tbh

Thanks Statistically I won't bother then. Will stick with the better brands and try EM also once I can face figuring out their sizing and website.

sexypantsformum Tue 18-Feb-14 14:11:26

thanks for all the help.
i bought a babydoll, some nice pants, and some tights with the seam up the back.
also bit the bullet and got me a satin blindfold. ( god help me)

GretaWolfcastle Tue 18-Feb-14 14:13:09


SorrelForbes Tue 18-Feb-14 14:16:51

I visited the Birmingham (Bull Ring) branch of Boux Avenue before Christmas. They had nothing below a 32" with a cup bigger than a DD. Also, practically everything was moulded. The bras were like hard plastic spheres cut in half!

sexypantsformum Tue 18-Feb-14 14:18:15

those are pretty, the m n s in my town only has a tiny undies dept so im gonna have to have a look in the nearest big store.

sexypantsformum Tue 18-Feb-14 14:19:05

sorrel that description on its own makes my eyes water. im a 34 e (ish). so i think ill give it a miss!!

BloodFlower Wed 19-Feb-14 13:47:14

sexypantsformum If you ever want undies from M&S they do free next day delivery to their stores if you order online.

BloodFlower Wed 19-Feb-14 13:47:41

Also, congrats on your purchases ;)

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