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Best place to get fitted for a bra??

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sinningsaint Mon 17-Feb-14 19:26:33

So finally going to get round to getting fitted somewhere that isn't M&S, but living in a relatively small town apart from marks' i think the only other place that do fittings is debenhams? Are they quite reliable? I know a friend who got measured there recently who saw a drastic change in sizes not sure if she's actually in the correct size though. Not been fitted for years and am currently wearing 36A so who knows what i am going to end up being! Should i try debenhams or wait until i can get into a bravissimo or something?

Furball Tue 18-Feb-14 08:05:05

Hopefully a bra guru will be along in tick

but I would measure yourself as per this guide so you know what size you should be aiming around and go from there.

I think debenhams are ok......but it helps to know your size first

Waves. ..debenhams are very variable sadly. Some branches do it right but some arr old school. If they are your only options then measure according to the guide linked above and tske yourself to debenhams for trial and error. Do not touch mands

bravissimo are awesome

sinningsaint Tue 18-Feb-14 14:38:42

Measured myself using the guide and going to go and try some on in debs later, in the process of hopefully losing a stone or 2 though so will wait a couple of months then splash out in bravissimo i think!

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