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Straight to curly

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SundaySimmons Mon 17-Feb-14 18:49:20

I am toying with getting a perm but my daughter says no!

I don't want poodle curls but a nice wave or slight curl would be nice upon occasion. I am cack handed!

Years ago I used heated rollers. They were great. Then curling tongs came along and I never really for on with them.

Then hot brushes, again I didn't get on too well with them.

Now I see there are all sorts of new fangled gadgets, some resembling sex toys!

My hair is long layers and about four/ five inches below my shoulders.

What do you use and is easy to operate?

Thank you.

ADoorMe Mon 17-Feb-14 19:24:48

I've gone back to heated rollers. Nothing else gives me the bouncy curls I want in 5 minutes.

SundaySimmons Mon 17-Feb-14 20:25:05

ADoorMe, thank you. I think I will invest in some heated rollers again. I was thinking that I needed to move with the times and get some new fangled wand but in reality it will become an unused gadget!

I found this on heated rollers but will take a look on the Boots website at reviews and then shop around for a good price.

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