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Winter skin...blerrgh

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bakeroony Mon 17-Feb-14 16:33:02

How do I get my lovely, spot-free, summer skin back when I don't have ther patience to wait 5 months for sun to appear?

I came off the Pill four months ago and the last two months have been dreadful for spottiness, skin shedding, blackheads, not even over my cheeks and forehead and chin anymore but also all down my chest and shoulders.

I drink plenty of water, green tea and mint tea, I exercise a fair bit and exfoliate. I've cut down on sugar and dairy and even carbs! Yet I'm not seeing results.

I've been using Bio-oil for a month and for the first couple of weeks it was amazing - cleared up my acne scars from the last time I went off the Pill, and plumped up my skin a fair bit. But now the spots are back, and worse than ever.

I don't know what else I can do! Am reluctant to go on meds but I'm considering spending more on mud packs...if there's a miracle cure out there someone please tell me!

princessalbert Mon 17-Feb-14 21:28:34

Did you have spots and oily skin prior to going on the pill? It could be that it is now out of your system and skin has gone bonkers.

I wouldn't use Bio-Oil - I have heard that it does clog pores.

If no improvement in another couple of months I would visit the GP. I am on long term antibiotics for (v mild) acne. The pill (dianette in particular) makes my skin lovely -- non oily, non-spotty, but I can't take it now.

Another thing I have found effective so far, is that I just wash with Cetaphil - and don't moisturise my face. Just a wash twice a day and leave alone. No make up either. Sometimes less is more.

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