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My dilemma: which do I get? Pls choose the styliest for me

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Corygal Sun 16-Feb-14 20:15:30

Right, I am owed a lot of money and, thanks to the heinously painful delay in getting it, am determined to treat self when it arrives. So I've nailed the choice down to;

1. High street splurge on clothes and that for 160.00
2. This chair for the sitting room - I love it and it will do the neices and nephews proud, as well as my more petite friends. Plus I think it's lastingly chic and will go a lot longer than a bit of Gap and that.

Which is better for a bit of spring loveliness?

burnishedsilver Mon 17-Feb-14 15:26:16

I'm not British. I can't see any particularly comfortable way of sitting on it.

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