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L'Oreal Manga Mascara: Am I doing it wrong?

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MrsBertMacklin Sun 16-Feb-14 14:34:15

I bought the purple one today on impulse. It's meant to give super thick, long lashes.

It took three coats to get the same thickness as I get with one coat of my normal mascara.

The first page of search results gives me a load of blog posts, all saying it's a 4 star mascara, plus pages of reviews on the L'oreal site, Makeup Alley etc, also rating it highly.

Anyone here used it? Is there a particular application technique that I should be using?

HairyFairyFoof Sun 16-Feb-14 14:44:26

I use it, its my new absolute favourite, so much so i bought another 4 whilst they were on offer blush

I find wiggling thr brush side to side the best technique and if this makes sense, turning the brush vertical and pulling it through the ends of my lashes.
Also make sure your lashes are free of any moisturiser/eye cream as this can cause it to have trouble adhering. hth

TallulahBetty Sun 16-Feb-14 20:11:05

I would persevere. I always find that new mascara is "weird" for the first few uses. Every single sort/make.

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