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Had haircut. Hate hair:(

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I had a classic bob..I have thick, lightly straightened hair. Went for a trim and asked for my nearly grown out fringe to be trimmed a bit as I like it with the half grown out look. He cut it too short.. THEN started chipping into the back and sides 'to take the weight out'. He'd already done a few good sliced before I realised so couldn't stop him!

I now have a mullet. I CAN'T go back and complain..(I struggle with social stuff and it's just not a possibility) but I am so sad I suppose I could go elsewhere and ask them to blend it a bit or even go shorter, which I didn't reall want as it's gone from a shoulder length bob to a chin one.

I will grow again etc but right now I feel really sad

HelloBoys Sun 16-Feb-14 10:53:53

I'd go back and ask him to blend it more.

I had a problem with highlights not done properly last weekend am going back tomorrow.

Go back as a decent hairdresser will put right if not don't use them again. On the phone my colourist sounded a bit off but I know what I want and paid £94 for it!

qp88 Wed 19-Feb-14 09:27:11

However, very sad, sorry. Also had a few bad experiences with unsuccessful haircuts. But for several years I go to only one person who understands my ideas without words.
May be some of this ideas with extreme hairstyles will help you:

Bluebell79 Wed 19-Feb-14 09:50:11

I feel your pain just before Xmas my shoulder length bob was cut too short more chin length and now all the layers flick out, he's been cutting my hair for years I did ask to go shorter but I'm sure he cut the shortest layer way too short. Already cancelled an appointment with him and said I wanted to grow it a bit, considering getting it trimmed a bit and going somewhere else but worried they might not understand just a trim. I've been pinning it back and I can just about tie it back now and clip back the shorter bits. I'm sure if you complain they will cut it again but do you really want anymore off? Really they should say they will cut it for free next time or half price.

nipersvest Wed 19-Feb-14 09:54:51

how's the hair today op?, i really sympathise, i had a bad haircut in my 20's, was longer at one side than the other by an inch and it was really obvious as it was a layered bob. hairdresser tried to mask it with a ridiculous shaggy blow dry and a huge amount of mouse, i left in tears but returned the next day and complained. a different hairdresser evened it up and re-cut some of the layers, but it ended up really short and i spent 6 months growing it then treating myself to a restyle at the andrew collinge salon in liverpool. but for the 6 months while it was growing, i felt it looked ridiculous, and i had no choice in the end but to re-style it short. on the plus side, once it was cut into a proper style, i loved it and kept it shorter for 10 years.

saadia Wed 19-Feb-14 13:00:15

Totally sympathise op had exactly same experience as you a week ago. It is slowly growing but I keep trimming bits myself to reduce the mullet effect.

JavaSparrow Wed 19-Feb-14 20:06:14

Is it a chain of some sort where you can book an appointment with the stylist online?

I ask, because I had the same experience, haircut on Friday. I checked online that the stylist wasn't in, then called on the Sunday and spoke to manager and explained. The manager booked me in an appointment with her and did a reasonably good job of fixing it. I didn't need to confront the original stylist and had it 'repaired' for free.

Having said that, it was about six months ago and I'm only now getting back to the original length. hmm

saadia Wed 19-Feb-14 20:45:41

JavaSparrow yes mine is a chain where you can book online. I had to take my glasses off so couldn't see but she just kept chopping away and it ended up looking ridiculous with a fringe cut into the sides and all out of proportion.

I went to my local one instead of my usual, 'good' hairdresser who cocked it up, and the nice young girl there has managed to blend my mullet nicely grin
It's a lot shorter that I wanted (the mullet) but now looks like a hairstyle. I'm going to go back to her in future..half the price ! I'm now avoiding anyone for 6 months tho while it grows a bit!

fiftyandfab Wed 19-Feb-14 23:49:05

nice result Medusa. Sadly, I find that staying with the same stylist backfires, they get complacent and 'see' you in a certain way with blinkers. My last cut I asked for was just 1cm more...he took at least 2! When I commented that men have no concept of length he gave me a filthy look and carried on chopping (he's gay, and I find they are usually more empathetic so he wasn't impressed). Neither was I! I'm back next week and he has one last chance to redeem himself....else I'm out!

fiftyandfab Wed 19-Feb-14 23:52:15

why oh why don't stylists realise our hair is our crowning glory? And usually they have long hair so no idea how it feels to be scalped!

trader21c Thu 20-Feb-14 02:47:24

I think generally it's better to move stylists from time to time or chop and change (pardon the pun ;)) who you go to as fiftyandfab says they get complacent and see you in a certain way

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