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Cystic spot..two weeks and still no 'head'!

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GinghamChic Sat 15-Feb-14 22:28:15

Think this is a record. Started two weeks ago, the usual red swollen embarrasing boil for first week. New crusty skin every a.m that then comes off after a wash so scarring starts. I havent picked it once and can/see feel a ball of pus but unlike normal spots it will never come to surface and no point trying to push it as makes red scar 10x worse.
Sick of these..I.m 39, had since 25. Only dianette works but cant take it anymore. Out of 12 months, I would say I get a huge one at least 6 months. Always chin.
Do you grow out of it? Always have a mix of healing marks and fresh ones. Concealer etc just gathers in them and highlights them.
Advice from anyone who is cured?!
(on phone and it doesnt let me scroll up, so sorry if this is full of errors grin )

burnishedsilver Sat 15-Feb-14 23:39:58

I believe calamine lotion works wonders on these. There was a thread a while back. Here.

MsWinnieBaygo Sun 16-Feb-14 00:07:36

Yep, calamine is your friend in this instance

RonaldMcDonald Sun 16-Feb-14 00:36:40

Do you use a bha? That made a huge difference
Do you use benzoyl peroxide ?
I stopped eating wheat which helped I think and tried stopping sugar but failed
Once mine got under control I have stuck rigidly to the same boring regime and had some peels and microdermabrasion. My skin is great now.

Megbeth Sun 16-Feb-14 03:22:25


Megbeth Sun 16-Feb-14 03:23:13

Magnesium Sulphate is a drawing paste. It will help bring it to a head.

FrugalFashionista Sun 16-Feb-14 07:25:05

I used to get cystic spots but 'coming to head' is not needed and will only cause further scarring. When I get the occasional deep spot, I dab on LRP Effaclar AI until it disappears. At least for me, salicylates are magical for deep hormonal spots.

I was trapped in the scarring/coverup/makeup clogging pores/more acne cycle and it had a strong hormonal component (the spots appeared after ovulation). I'm 41 and have had this since my teens. Totally rethinking all skincare has helped me. I stopped using liquid foundation and stopped using wipes and other harsh cleaning methods and moisturizers. I now wash with castile soap in the evening use Effaclar K in the mornings. I use mineral makeup and mineral concealer if I have a breakout, but my skin has improved so much that I can go barefaced too!

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