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Grey 'leather' jacket

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LaTrucha Sat 15-Feb-14 20:13:13

I want a grey leather biker or biker-ish jacket for spring and have been scouring the sales in the hope of picking up a real leather one cheaply but I've had no luck.

I've come across this one, which is definitely at the upper limit I would pay for a PU one. What do you think? I have't been able to see it in RL.

I'm a pear shape, 5' 6, red hair, biggish chest. I'm worried it will finish at the wrong length for me - that is, just on my widest part.

Or have you seen anything better?

LaTrucha Sat 15-Feb-14 20:17:27

Oh bloody hell

MrsLettuce Sat 15-Feb-14 20:23:47

You didn't mention your size - this is real leather for 84. Size 12 only though

LaTrucha Sat 15-Feb-14 20:25:08

I'm a 12! Checking it out frantically...

MrsPeacockDidIt Sat 15-Feb-14 20:26:26

I think with leather and faux you really need to see them up close to know for sure.

I've just bought this one grey leather although found it cheaper on amazon (around £95) . It's really soft leather and the knitted inserts makes it very easy to wear.

LaTrucha Sat 15-Feb-14 20:27:12

Do you think shorter - ending waistish - is better on a pear?
I have only just confessed to myself that I am one.

MrsLettuce Sat 15-Feb-14 20:28:30

yy, waist length is good, I'd say

LaTrucha Sat 15-Feb-14 20:29:53

I agree re fake leather BTW which is why I've been dithering.

LaTrucha Sat 15-Feb-14 20:33:30

You are very good! I've been looking for ages and in five minutes I have options! I think I'll order the Tesco one and see. There's only two left (not breathless at all, oh no, not me...)

MrsLettuce Sat 15-Feb-14 20:41:35

Oh that espirt one is very good! Fit is everything and that knitted insert should allow you to have it fit properly at waist and boobs. I'd order a two or three sizes and play about a bit.

MrsPeacockDidIt Sat 15-Feb-14 21:10:08

Mrs Lettuce, that's exactly what they do. I'm a size bigger in the boobs than waist (at least).

MrsLettuce Sat 15-Feb-14 21:13:22

Me too. such a PITA with fitted stuff!

LaTrucha Sat 15-Feb-14 22:15:14

Sounds like that one might be better even. Not sure how small mybwaist is but lm a 30/32f. Cant find the grey n amazon though.

MrsPeacockDidIt Sat 15-Feb-14 22:34:48

Here it is Here

As it was free returns I got 2 sizes and sent one back.

RonaldMcDonald Sun 16-Feb-14 00:29:36

The esprit is best

LaTrucha Sun 16-Feb-14 07:51:46

I want to order them both but am feeling aggrieved as I have a voucher for 20% off amazon clothing which I have been trying to use for ages but havent found anything I want. Now I have it won't let me use it desite it being eligible by all the criteria i=o the email that came with it. Grr.

LaTrucha Sun 16-Feb-14 08:41:08

What did the sizing come up like mrspeacock? Were the arms tight?

thepurplepenguin Sun 16-Feb-14 09:15:42

I think the linea one you posted is by far and away the nicest, even if it is pu.

MrsPeacockDidIt Sun 16-Feb-14 09:17:51

The knitted inserts go down the underside of the sleeves too so the arms don't feel too tight and gives extra movement that I like.

lupo Sun 16-Feb-14 12:23:21

Just got a lovely faux grey one yesterday from Wallis for 29.00 in sale. You honestly can't tell it is faux aS am quite fussy like that. It is very similar to your one op, the reason I bought it was because it is exactly the same as a grey mint velvet leather one for 300, and there is very little difference on the look when I tried it on. It is still one website , it says petite on there but am normal size 10 to 12 and 34c boobs and it fits fine . Check wallis website x

LaTrucha Sun 16-Feb-14 15:24:14

I did see that one was put off by its being petite. I'll have another look! I want to try them all. Curses for not having RL shops nearby!

noddyholder Sun 16-Feb-14 15:28:06

cheap I saw it in there though and it looks nice

suze28 Sun 16-Feb-14 15:30:47

Nodders, I love that jacket. Will have to look next wk and hope it's not too muttony for me.

LaTrucha Sun 16-Feb-14 15:31:35

I saw that one too! So difficult to know without seeing them in RL so thanks.

LaTrucha Sat 22-Feb-14 12:53:08

I ordered three in the end: the Esprit, the Tesco and the Wallis. The Wallis was my favourite, although I would like it a shade darker. For £29.99 though, I'm happy until I find my dream one.

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