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Recommend me a fitness dvd

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buttercrumble Sat 15-Feb-14 14:00:36

Not strictly S&B but having lost 3 stone and taking more interest in dressing nicely, I think a bit of exercise would help things along. Would need to be for beginners as completely unfit . I can't afford gym membership so this seems like the next best option in this horrible weather smile

Hopefully Sat 15-Feb-14 14:12:16

Shred is amazing - 30 mins, so it's over quickly, and good results. Also Jillian Michaels other DVDs.

I loved Insanity, but it's (a) expensive and (b) requires a reasonable level of starting fitness.

everydayaschoolday Sat 15-Feb-14 14:13:32

congratulations on your fabulous weight loss. I like Davina, but she's not for everyone. I've heard some talk on here about 'The Shred' on You Tube - so you wouldn't even have to pay for it.

pinkflaming0 Sat 15-Feb-14 14:43:37

Received the 30 day Shred DVD yesterday. I don't need to lose weight just want to tone up and have let my running slide in this horrid wet weather so, having seen it recommended on MN quite a lot I thought it was worth a fiver to try it out. Watched it last night to see what was involved, not done it yet though. Looks simple to follow and well explained.

scarlet76 Sat 15-Feb-14 15:09:20

30 day shred fab
2 1/2 years ago I lost just under 2 stone, getting myself back to pre pregnancy weight. I have kept it off with a combination of shred and running.

buttercrumble Sat 15-Feb-14 15:14:50

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions, will check out the 30 day shred but also heard good things about Davina but she seems to have done so many. I guess that's a good sign though smile

bigbutsrus1 Sat 15-Feb-14 21:28:51

Shred with weights (kettle bells), level one free on you tube

Leviticus Sat 15-Feb-14 23:03:08

Tracy Anderson?

TomskiGirl Sat 15-Feb-14 23:32:59

Shred and Davina are definitely the best fitness DVDS to get. I did the DVDS, went to a circuits class a while later and the instructor said I had good core strength and fitness and I'd only done the DVDS at home :-)

pinkflaming0 Sun 16-Feb-14 13:32:30

Did the Shred for the first time this morning (level 1). I'm reasonably fit so didn't find the cardio too challenging and the abs stuff wasn't too taxing either but lifting the hairdryer to dry my hair after my post workout shower my arms were really feeling it and my thighs are telling me they've worked hard so all good so far. Upper arms, thighs and bum are my target areas.

StyleOverSubstance Sun 16-Feb-14 14:38:42

Congratulations on your weight loss OP. Would suggest borrowing from friends if at all possible as if you haven't exercised for a while and are unfit you need to find someone whose style of exercise suits you. Will give you a chance to think of how much time you have available and dvd content before spending lots of money on something you don't like and then feeling down because you cant do it and feeling like you have wasted money. Plus - bear in mind the size of room you have to do the exercise in - some of the exercises require more space than others. Some of the dvds are available on the internet, in part or full, so google a couple of them to get an idea of what is involved.

A lot of people have done the Couch to 5K, think there are usually a couple of threads running here on it. Davina and Jillian Michaels DVDs are the ones are that are usually popular, but you may find one of the pilates or yoga type ones would be easier to start with so that you can build some muscle and tone-up without risk of injury to begin with and then build up from there. Good luck!!

charitygirl Sun 16-Feb-14 18:07:53

I do love Shred but its pretty ancient now - I think Jillian's Ripped in 30 (exactly the same format) is a more fun place to start, and Level 1 is nice and easy.

Insanity is brilliant, but I do wish the routines were shorter.

sandalsinthebin Sun 16-Feb-14 19:02:05

10 minute Solutions Pilates Perfect Body targets arms, core, bum&thighs, 10 mins each. I have been doing half an hour a day about 5 times a week for 7 months now and I now have:
- A bottom with some roundness and shape (previously flat as a pancake)
- Upper arms with some strength and shape (previously weak and loose)
- Signs of a waist and abs after four children (previously a sack of skin)
And my cellulite is starting to disappear off the back of my thighs. It's also helped my posture.
It's still hard going as you tend to push yourself harder each time, but I now love my half-hour workout and I am so used to it that I use it as thinking time after work. DVD costs about 3 pounds on Amazon so worth a try (you need light hand weights for the arms workout)

MrsFlorrick Sun 16-Feb-14 21:13:36

Another vote for Shred or anything by Jillian Michaels. Very quick to do at home and serious results.

Hopefully Sun 16-Feb-14 21:17:33

Charity there is a new Shaun T (he of Insanity fame) programme which is half an hour a pop, called T25. Am saving it for post natal exercise regime!

Pompbear Sun 16-Feb-14 21:27:20

shred OE Nell McAndrew doe a serious workout

charitygirl Sun 16-Feb-14 22:50:39

OMG Hopefully thanks - a short one from Shaun T, i had no idea! What a bummer that I've recently spent £100 on Jillian's Body Revolution (which is not as intense as Insanity) - I suppose I'd better finish that first.

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