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HoC Winter v CMB Autumn

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BearPear Fri 14-Feb-14 15:53:51

I went to a very lovely House of Colour consultant yesterday. The session was for my mum, I have already been "done" years ago by a Colour Me Beautiful lady who decided I was autumn.

The HoC lady took an interest in my autumn assessment, and I could tell she was sceptical. To be fair, I have never embraced the bolder end of the spectrum and I stick to classic neutral shades from the autumn palette. Yesterday I was dressed in navy & cream. HoC lady said that she was going to swatch me at the end of my mum's session, just to see if I was, or was not autumn.

I remember from my CMB session that I was amazed by the colours which complimented and also those which instantly made me look washed out and sickly. I also noticed from mum's session that the consultant clearly can tell which season you are and can guide you in the right direction throughout the swatching process. At my own CMB session the consultant had said that she was surprised that I came out as autumn, her initial thought was winter (I have dark hair, dark eyes, pale-ish skin but I tan a little - not typical dark hair/pale skin/blue eyed winter person). As she had changed her mind, I believed that she had worked through the palettes thoroughly to be able to contradict her own initial thoughts. I took on board the autumn assessment and have been steered by that over the last 10 years or so.

Cut to yesterday. HoC lady did the swatch session on me and I came out as winter. I agree that I suit silver over gold, white t-shirts are my summer staple and the only bold colour I feel comfortable with is red. The rest of the winter palette scares me - the blues especially, and as a "bright" winter even more so! My question is this - should I invest in a style consultation for myself to help guide me a little better, even though I know the theory of the colours and I know my season? Or, is it possible to be a mixture of 2 seasons? I'm so confused!

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