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Do you OCM your body?

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nappyaddict Fri 14-Feb-14 11:19:24

I have been doing the OCM on my face for a few years now after finding out about it on MN.

I use castile liquid soap on my body but I do find soap quite drying - even all natural ones. I was wondering if anyone uses OCM in the shower too and what they use? I was thinking something that's solid at room temperature would be best but not coconut oil as I know that blocks pores. I know palm oil is solid at room temperature but I think it is not very environmentally friendly. Any other ideas?

MrsLettuce Fri 14-Feb-14 12:09:47

I use (cheap) honey with (cheap) espresso ground coffee mixed though it. Lovely for my other wise permanently under-hydrated skin but a tad messy.

MrsLettuce Fri 14-Feb-14 12:11:49

Had to quit OMC though, even sans castor oil it was way, way too drying.

nappyaddict Fri 14-Feb-14 16:47:01

I use avocado oil or apricot kernel oil with a few drops of argan oil and pomegranate seed oil for extremely dry skin. What oil were you using?

MrsLettuce Fri 14-Feb-14 17:22:42

I was using much the same - avocado, macadamia and argan. TBH I'm pretty sure it was the heat and the constant (very gentle) exfoliation that were the problem.

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