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Clinique lady told me not to use oil based moisturiser on my dry skin, any recommendations?

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LadyintheRadiator Fri 14-Feb-14 07:38:39

I had DD with me so didn't really hang around for an explanation or advice. I hate anything too perfumed, I'm going to Boots, what oh what shall I try?

Also I bouht an oil free primer so do I need to change my foundation to oil free? FFS. Pain in the arse.

Gimmesomemore Fri 14-Feb-14 07:43:12

I have sensitive/dry skin and use Eucerin dry skin replenishing face cream. It's around £9 to £11 in boots. A little goes a long way and I love it.

Gimmesomemore Fri 14-Feb-14 07:45:08

Sorry, no advice re the primer, as it makes me feel like my skin is coated and can't breathe. But then I've only tried a couple cheaper versions.

LadyintheRadiator Fri 14-Feb-14 07:53:55

Thanks, Eucerin kept cropping up when I was looking for a moisturiser before (I've been using an Oilatum one) so I'll have a look.

I was using a Laura Mercier primer which feels really nice going on, it's almost like a gel and feels hydrating. But I wanted to try the Clinique one that's supposed to help redness. Just put it on and it doesn't feel as nice but I'll see. Foundation hasn't pilled at least.

snoggle Fri 14-Feb-14 07:57:27

I am using Liz Earle for my combination (dry in patches) and quite sensitive/blotchy skin. It's all natural including the nice herbal smell and soaks in nicely. You can get trial sizes online. Think it's cheaper than Clinique too.

MuttonCadet Fri 14-Feb-14 08:01:52

Clinique is very drying, I wouldn't use it.

GoodnessKnows Fri 14-Feb-14 08:21:49

Yes: don't listen to Clinique lady. Clinique products suddenly turned nasty on my skin. So what would she know. Lol
I use Epaderm Ointment (blot with towel if necessary) so comes as a cream. I've v dry skin in that it's kind of combination/ dry but at night parched n by morning dry n stretched-ish. Went to a dermatologist who have me this stuff. It's the business!

mousmous Fri 14-Feb-14 08:26:53

don't listen too much to a cosmetic seller.
they are not dermatologists with long long training and qualification.

she's right in that dry skin needs moisture (i.e. water) and not fat, however the fat in creams makes a barrier so that the skin can retain the moisture.
when my eczema is realy bad (scaly skin around eyes and on hands) I i
use a light moisturiser (aveeno in my case) and let it sink in. then I add a richer moisturiser on top (weleda skin food for me).

Coumarin Fri 14-Feb-14 08:28:13

I wouldn't avoid oil if I had dry skin! I think it's just 'bad' oils like mineral oil.

I use Rosehip oil as an overnight treatment sometimes and the Pai chamomile and rosehip post irises which is packed full of oils. I have combination skin which is acne prone and this keeps it calm and balanced. I use a Neal's Yard mattifying one for during the day.

I think the Clinique woman's advice was really off tbh. Maybe she was confused.

Coumarin Fri 14-Feb-14 08:29:32

No idea what post irises are!

Coumarin Fri 14-Feb-14 08:31:09

For Boots stuff. La Roche Posay and Avene have good reputations and both do ranges for dry skin. Good ingrediants.

The Body Shop vitamin E range is getting a good press at the moment so may be worth a look. I haven't seen any if the ingredients or tried it myself yet.

Turtlesmum Fri 14-Feb-14 08:34:20

I have very dry skin and use sanctuary therapists secret facial oil under clinque super defense for very dry skin. All from Boots. Works really well for me.

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