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too tight, oversized or gapey. Which is least evil?

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addictedtosugar Thu 13-Feb-14 20:08:55

OK, so work have just announced the "new, improved" uniform

I have three choices:
*White (cheep, semi see though) shirt, which will, judging from previous attempts at shirts gape. Pepperberry are the only shirts that don't gape badly
* blokes poloshirt, which comes to mid thighs, fits on top, very tight round my arse and thighs
* blokes poloshirt, comes to past mid thighs, fits round my arse, oversized on shoulders/chest etc.

The length of the poloshirts has the benefit of hiding the camelfoot from the trousers.

Which option is the least evil? Please don't say tell them to sort it. I've been saying since this was announced the ladies need ladies wear.

And will wool-polyester trousers stretch or loosen with washing/wearing?

Thanks muchly

MrsLettuce Thu 13-Feb-14 20:22:30

That sounds awful. Fuckers.

I'd go with the second option, I think. Only if you can get away with adjustments. You can take it up to just-nicely-hiding-camel-toe length or split and re-sew the seams at the thigh, like on a lot of tunics.

Otherwise I'd size up on the blouse an wear a white tshirt under.

DesperateHousewife21 Thu 13-Feb-14 20:23:13

Oh dear they sound dreadful confused

Id say the top which fits up top but is tight on thighs. At least it'll be comfy where it matters.

addictedtosugar Thu 13-Feb-14 20:47:09

I come to style and beauty for 'cause I need fashion help, and even I know these are awful.

I can get a mixture, so think the layering under the shirt for the winter.
That then gives me a chance to get the tops altered - nice thought. I'm going to be doing superfast washing turn arounds if I'm only going to wear half of it for a bit.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Thu 13-Feb-14 20:48:33

Number 3, it will prob shrink over time.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 13-Feb-14 20:51:11

Another vote for getting things professionally altered if you can get away with it .

addictedtosugar Thu 13-Feb-14 20:53:40

you can shrink 100% polyester tops without a tumble drier????

Or do you mean the wool/polyester trousers will shrink?

Koothrapanties Thu 13-Feb-14 21:22:16

I'd go for option two. Fits on top but tight on thighs/arse.

It's marginally the least shit option.

What arseholes you work for!

Bunbaker Thu 13-Feb-14 21:38:22

How do women manage to get camel toes in the first place? It never happens to me. My trousers always slip down.

MrsLettuce Thu 13-Feb-14 22:36:44

Wrong cut of trouser + certain type of bad fit = camel action

polyhymnia Thu 13-Feb-14 23:31:04

Awful choices. Definitely 3. Anything which conceals any camel foot has to be first choice (perhaps 2 does too, though?). And too tight always looks awful - even worse than baggy.

whereisshe Thu 13-Feb-14 23:39:51

How awful, your employers clearly have no clue!
I'd get a bigger shirt and get it altered, a few darts should make it fit properly and they aren't hard to put in. It sounds like the trousers would benefit from the same thing - go up a size and get darts put in the back (or the side seam taken in).

LyndaCartersBigPants Thu 13-Feb-14 23:46:28

All sound bad, but personally I'd go with option 2, loose around my midriff but snug on the arse!

RonaldMcDonald Thu 13-Feb-14 23:57:01

yy get the fitting top and get a magic drycleaning lady to make it look good elsewhere

somedizzywhore1804 Fri 14-Feb-14 00:13:34

You don't work for a well known chain of takeaway pizza fellows whose name is part of a board game do you OP? Because this sounds exactly like the (fucking awful) uniform I had to wear working there as a student.

Fouette Fri 14-Feb-14 06:31:26

I'd get 1, size up, and have it taken in. Or wear a white vest underneath.

Or option 2.

I think that option 3 is most unflattering. It tends to make my norks enormous and age me terribly if I wear a too large men's polo. (I wear some of dh's for gardening. It's not cute.)

Floisme Fri 14-Feb-14 07:12:50

I think it all depends on your shape. If your thighs are the widest part of your body, then option 2 would be the worst (it definitely would be for me). On the other hand, if you have large boobs then I would guess that option 1 is the worst. My sympathies, op.

addictedtosugar Fri 14-Feb-14 08:31:20

If I shifted a bit of weight, I'd be hourglass.
As it is, I'm just fat, with big norks...
Nope, not a pizza chain. I don't work for anyone your likely to have come across, ubless your in a similar business.

Trousers - there just basically isn't enough material between where the waist band sits and the crotch, so it pulls. I guess my waist to crotch is longer than average (tho I'm 5'7, so not exactly massive, but the shorted ladies haven't found the trousers a problem). The bigger size just fall straight off, no belt hooks.

I might not be slim, but at a size 14, I'm not asking for the world on a plate.

Will find someone who can alter stuff!


cloudskitchen Fri 14-Feb-14 09:05:21

Can you split the side seams at the bottom a few inches on option 2 so that it's a little looser at the bottom but still fits at the top?

Fouette Sat 15-Feb-14 05:55:23

If you find someone who can alter them I BET they could manage belt loops smile

addictedtosugar Sat 15-Feb-14 11:12:00

Thanks, ladies.
I've put the order in.

I tried the larger trousers, but when adjusted to my waist level, they are still less than elegant at the crotch area. And since I can already get my hand and arm in the 14s, I don't think upsizing is going to add anything.

Mixture of see through blouses and arse hugging polos ordered.
I can't wait to wear it ;(

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