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FlatPacker Thu 13-Feb-14 11:21:08

I want to create a wardrobe which reflects me rather than current trends etc. I feel I haven't got (or perhaps lost, since DCs) a personal style.

So my question is: how do you go about creating your own style?

I've started by recycling all the clothes I just don't wear or I wear and hate (soooo many jeans that just don't fit right and loads of cheap longsleeved tops). But I haven't a clue what to replace them with or what colours to choose. For example; I wear a lot of black but friends have once or twice said it makes me looked drained (dark brown hair and hazel eyes, pale skin in winter). I'm medium sized but short of stature (I think I end up buying baggy, shapeless tops that do me no favours?).

FlatPacker Thu 13-Feb-14 15:26:12

Anyone ever deliberately tried to create a new style for themselves? If so I would love to read how you went about it smile

Hopefully Thu 13-Feb-14 16:10:51

First piece of advice in an ideal world would be to go and have a colour and personal style analysis (lots of threads on here about that. Disclaimer - I have a vested interest as it's my job, but others will probably agree it will save you dosh very quickly as no mistake buys).

Failing that, get on Pinterest and start putting together boards of looks you like, and begin to identify the themes that crop up, and build a wardrobe around those looks.

charitygirl Thu 13-Feb-14 18:31:35

As someone without a vested interest I would wholeheartedly recommend the House of Colour Colour and Style analysis processes.

I also had nice clothes but no coherent style and often didn't feel like 'me'. Now I always do!

FlatPacker Thu 13-Feb-14 19:20:50

Oh, interesting about the House of colour. I thought S&B boarders thought this was all a bit 80s jazz. Do they help you find your own style? I'm on pinterest - the problem is the clothes I like rarely look as good on me! I wonder if I should just choose certain shops and just buy from them?

FlatPacker Thu 13-Feb-14 19:23:26

I have the same problem with colours - I just like a lot of black or dark colours, but I don't think I'll suit them. A question for the Colour stylists: can consultations be done online with photos/webcam?

sighbynight Thu 13-Feb-14 19:26:06

I had a consultation with a stylist this week. She came to the house, went through my wardrobe, came up with loads of new combinations, took stuff away for the charity shop and to eBay. She's also doing me a shopping list of extras that I need.

It was a bit of an indulgence, but it's got me into a bit of a new groove with the stuff I already own. And hopefully eBay will recupe some of the outlay.

Hopefully Thu 13-Feb-14 19:29:28

flat no they can't be done reliably online, we need the client there to really see what their skintone does in the different colours. If you're in the uk there are plenty of consultants, and I know some will travel to clients' houses (I have done it). The personal style is about finding the style that works for you, not giving you some arbitrary list of rights and wrongs like a magazine would.

Mrswellyboot Thu 13-Feb-14 19:29:46

What do you like flat ? As in what do you feel really good in?

I am a huge fan of black but I have moved towards navy lately. So I have built up a capsule wardrobe with navy slacks, wedge suede shoes, navy coat, navy and cream lace jumper. I also have lots of other coloured tops but I always feel good in the plain clothes as it feels safe to me.

I have two good back dresses that I wear with black tights and patent lace ankle boots ( dresses from Hobbs)

Then I tend to wear pearl earrings and have scarves (but bored of them) and get my bags in River Island.

I am not style icon but I have something to wear most days and feel better in myself post baby. I would just hit the shops and buy a decent pair of jeans, a pair of trousers and one dress for now. Then build it up.

FlatPacker Thu 13-Feb-14 19:42:20

I'm definitely not into smartware. I've lovely dresses collecting dust that I literally have not worn in 10+ years. Ditto a ton of posh shoes. See, I buy things I LIKE but aren't what I wear or look good in or cheap in a sale.

What looks good? Hmm, I bought some slim Next jeans the other day - they are fine. You know I'm thinking and thinking about what I have that looks good and I can't think of anything. Boots. Oh yes, a long line linen dress in red - lots of people liked that in the summer. I accessorize very little. I have a string of beads at the moment. Never wear earrings etc. I lack style I know!

Thanks for the feedback - food for thought!

charitygirl Thu 13-Feb-14 19:42:58

The colours session is great and fun (and will certainly solve your conflicted feelings about black!) but the style day is even better in some ways. So many things just made sense. They def help you find your own style. I'm sure some people come out of HoC dressing like an air hostess from 1987 and are happy with that, but what I wear is all me.

TwoNoisyBoys Thu 13-Feb-14 19:47:32

Hi FlatPacker smile before I press Post I need to make sure you understand I'm NO style icon! But I too went through this phase about two years ago (after I split from ExDH) and decided I wanted a style of my own, which was ME rather than what was in the shops. I spent a bit of time looking around at other people, both normal and celebrities, deciding whose 'look' I liked best. I then tried to tie it in with who has a similar kind of body shape.....(it's all very well me admiring Gwyneth Paltrow but unless she shrinks eight inches and goes to a size 14 we aren't going to look good in the same things!) I've gradually built up a wardrobe of the things I LIKE.....and that suit my shape and colouring. I think it's a great compliment now if a friend mentions a dress or skirt or something they've seen and finishes with the words "It's very you, TwoNoisy!" smile My next step is having a HoC consultation.....I have a pretty good idea of what suits me, but I'd love to see if the professionals agree!

FlatPacker Thu 13-Feb-14 19:58:01

Perhaps that's what I really need - a style session. I can't see myself very well, not even in a mirror iyswim.

scarlet76 Fri 14-Feb-14 07:22:52

Look at pinterest, fashion blogs, fashion mags and browse a good department store.
Think about what you like e.g. I'm drawn to navy, stripes, spots, pointy heels, jeans etc..
Think about what suits your shape e.g. Long dresses are always hard for me to pull off at 5ft no matter how much I like them
Think about what you NEED that fits your life.

I work so have pencil skirts, cigarette pants, quirky print shirts and fitted cashmere jumpers for those days. I have a good leather tote bag.
For weekends and holidays I have skinny jeans, many blue striped tops, a parka, converse, ankle boots and an across body bag in a great pink red colour to add interest.
I realise I prefer to look understated when going out so have a simple black dress or I wear black cigarette pants and a blouse.
Since working all of this out, I have spent less on clothes and made less mistakes.

FlatPacker Fri 14-Feb-14 11:12:27

Ok - I'm looking around and will keep an eye out for different styles on celebs etc. I've looked at Hobbs and liked some stuff there (bit formal perhaps). Now, I realise most of my clothes comes from the standard high street shops and supermarkets (sorry). Can you recommend any less usual online shops I could look at? I'm thinking wools, jeans, fitted trousers, natural fibre tops (semi-fitted). Hmm. Thanks for all your advice so far!

AmberSpyglass Fri 14-Feb-14 12:54:45

Marking my place as I am hopeless!

sugar4eva Fri 14-Feb-14 14:48:10

Scarlet , please could you tell me were to buy cigarette pants from? Thanks.

Hopefully Fri 14-Feb-14 15:51:28

I like Baukjen and Me & Em. Neither cheap, but quality good.

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