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If I use a moisturiser with SPF30 do I need it in my foundation??

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RedPencilPot Thu 13-Feb-14 07:51:49

I have no idea about this and different people tell me different things depending on what they are selling!! grin

Does anyone know the correct answer?

aylesburyduck Thu 13-Feb-14 09:38:28

To be honest I have no idea. I'd rather put my SPF on and know I was covered rather than relying on SPF in moisturiser and foundations.

You're right about it varying depending on who is trying to sell you something.

alexheartbeauty Thu 13-Feb-14 10:20:36

Does the moisturiser and foundation have broad spectrum SPF as that's really important? I lot of SPF foundations only protect against UVB rays.
Lots of people say that moisturisers with spf in them are no good. However, if you apply a sufficient quantity it should protect you just as much as an spf only product with the same number.
I use an SPF moisturiser and eye cream and then SPF base on top which I can then reapply during the day to make sure I stay protected.

Here's a post I've done on the importance of UVA protection and how the labelling works:
And here's a post of eye creams with SPF in them:

Hope that helps!

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