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"Pop" concert attire?

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DowntonTrout Wed 12-Feb-14 11:36:08

I realise that makes me sound like an old fuddy duddy.

It is a pop concert, smallish venue in London. Will mostly be teens in hoodies, jeans, converse or teens/20 something's probably in little dresses.
I am neither. (40 something)

I do go to lots of concerts, mostly stadiums or arenas, and no one cares what you wear then. But I want to look nice without dressing up or standing out, we are meeting up for predrinks and have links to the performer.

So, what to wear? Cool (as if) but not try hard. Thoughts please.

Ujjayi Wed 12-Feb-14 11:43:23

I would go for skinny trousers with a loose fitting vest top/tee and jacket. Add a pendant and a stack of bracelets, together with heels.

DowntonTrout Wed 12-Feb-14 11:45:54

That sounds great. Except the heels. Public transport, it's standing and I am already nearly 6ft. Thanks.

TravelinColour Wed 12-Feb-14 11:46:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelloBoys Wed 12-Feb-14 11:53:31

I often tend to find a cheap (or nicer) rock chick long t-shirt (with slogan, bling, rivets) which I wheel out for events like these.

DowntonTrout Wed 12-Feb-14 11:55:17

Ooh like what helloboys? Can you give an example?

HelloBoys Wed 12-Feb-14 12:02:29

Now I'm looking for them I can't find them... but Replay are good (couldn't see anything I liked though) sometimes Zara TRF has nice ones, Diesel good also River Island.

Also keep in mind it's for this event (and others?) so it doesn't have to imo look amazing.

HelloBoys Wed 12-Feb-14 12:04:23

I'd love this Hendrix one too!

DowntonTrout Wed 12-Feb-14 12:09:23

I love the Diesel one! But not at £200+ !!
Something along those lines would be perfect.

The Hendrix one is not me.

DowntonTrout Wed 12-Feb-14 12:10:16

But thank you. thanks I have ideas now.

HelloBoys Wed 12-Feb-14 13:45:00

Sorry I didn't see the price!

I've seen something a few years back and looked on Top Shop for you (not a lot)

HelloBoys Wed 12-Feb-14 13:46:18

I found the asos link above but try Pret a Portabello too - as you can see it's Portabello market so bound to be younger, trendier stuff.

squoosh Wed 12-Feb-14 13:59:34

Your thread title made me smile OP, I imagined it being said in the voice of the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey.

Have fun!

BelieveinWigan Wed 12-Feb-14 17:23:59

May I ask the performer?

DowntonTrout Wed 12-Feb-14 17:49:53

I wanted to make clear it was a pop concert and not rock or anything more serious. Hence the reference to being full of teens.

I'm taking DD as a birthday surprise. She's 12 so you get the gist. She has her very first Jones and Jones dress to wear, which the performer wears, and DD should get to go backstage so she's very excited. We've met her privately before but this is the first time we've seen her performing.

I don't want to embarrass DD by standing out or trying to look trendy blush

BelieveinWigan Wed 12-Feb-14 18:07:56

Aww I'm sure whatever you wear won't wreck the magic of the day for her smile

rumpled Wed 12-Feb-14 18:10:41

You sound perfectly lovely OP! Enjoy your evening smile

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