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If you're late 30s and have fairly normal skin, what serum do you use?

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evertonmint Mon 10-Feb-14 16:50:35

I'm 37, consider myself to have normal skin - very slightly oilier in T zone, slightly drier on cheeks (partic in winter) but not so different that I would consider it properly combination. I have a few lines on my forehead but not particularly anywhere else. I am pregnant atm but it doesn't appear to have changed my skin hugely. My skin is fairly stable - occasional spots, not particularly sensitive. Mainly I'd like to look a bit brighter (2 small children plus pregnancy means I often look/feel/am a bit tired) and if I could smooth the lines a bit that would help, although it's secondary to just looking perkier.

I'm in the market for a serum as I've dallied with them but never really settled on one. I have been using Aldi Lacura after reading about it on here but TBH it hasn't done much for me and I've nearly finished the bottle. I had a sample of the new Clains extra firming botanical serum - it seemed to smooth my lines and felt nice, but it caused that annoying balling on my skin if I didn't leave ages between that and the moisturiser which was just really annoying as I don't have the time or inclination to do a bit of skincare then come back to finish it 10 mins later!

I do use Hydraluron to combat any dehydration (not so bad at the moment so not using it) which I am very happy with but feel like I now need something with a bit more oomph to make my skin look as good as it can.

I'm wondering about Advanced Night Repair as I hear so much good stuff about it and it seems to give the perky, well rested look I'm after. I could afford it if it was really going to work, but I am naturally a bit cheaper in my tastes.

Just looking for ideas at this stage so if you have similar skin (age/type/condition) let me know what you use and I'll have a look or try a few until I settle on one.


evertonmint Tue 11-Feb-14 11:41:35


Sortyourmakeupout Tue 11-Feb-14 12:21:35

To avoid the balling on your skin you need to exfoliate. Happens to me too.

I use boots time delay and a primer from George asda. Both for under a tenner I think and I always get commented on my skin.

naturelover Tue 11-Feb-14 13:05:49

My skin is very similar to yours.
I don't bother with a serum. Perhaps I should!
I use a hot cloth cleanser (Superdrug) then a moisturiser. My skin's in good shape.
I did try a sample of ANR and I saw no difference at all. It's expensive so I didn't buy any.
My skin is definitely best when I eat well and sleep a lot - which is difficult with young children! Sugar and dairy in excess make me spotty, esp when I have PMS and crave those things!
I do make a point of eating green veg, avocado, nuts, olives, oily fish several times a week.
The Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask once a week seems to brighten and smooth my skin quite well.

rumpled Tue 11-Feb-14 13:17:47

I'm 15+yrs older blush and I've just discovered L'Oreal's Revtalift 10 serum. I love the watery-gel textures, sinks in in seconds and plumps me up nicely!

Work well with tinted moisturiser and heavier foundations too.

And to tick ALL the boxes ... it's 1/3 off in Boots! About £13 ish nowgrin

Mitchell2 Tue 11-Feb-14 13:43:02

I pretty much am the same as you age and skin wise. I don't use a serum religiously as I find that all the ones that I tried didn't really do that much. I do on occasion use Dr Perricone peptide complex but not sure that does much for me and is quite expensive for what it is.

I do use a combination of things at night which I have found work better for me in brightening refreshing my skin - Trilogy Rosehip oil (20ml £16.50), Alpha H liquid gold (£30 100ml) and Alpha H rejuvenating cream (£50 50 ml). I use the last two once a week and the other three nights I use the oil. All are not that 'cheap' but the Alpha H stuff you can usually get from QVC as a deal, and you hardly use the other oils and with all three they last ages as you only need a little. I have found that its the chemical exfoliating / hydrating combination that has made my skin a lot brighter and refreshed since using.

After cleansing in the morning I just tone (exfoliating one), Hydraluron and then a boots botanical moisturiser with a touch of what ever sample eye cream I have picked up on the way. All in all since doing this my skin as improved.

A good blog to have a look at for ideas at all budgets is caroline hirons beauty mouth. She talks no-nonsense and really tried to explain in basic terms what product is good for what ever your concern and why it works etc.

evertonmint Tue 11-Feb-14 13:52:33

Yes I follow Caroline Hirons blog - it's fab!

I use a hot cloth cleanser (currently body shop camomile cleansing butter) and Superdrug naturally radiant moisturiser. I use Hydraluron when I'm looking dehydrated, Clarins exfoliating toner twice a week, and use Clarins blue orchid oil most nights.

My skin is as clear and smooth as it's been in about 15 years since I started this routine about 8 months ago so I'm happy with all if that, but I still look a bit tired die to circumstances and as I'm also getting older I just wonder if I need to try a serum too.

Thanks for all these tips. I'm going to peruse the shelves...

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