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Anyone here used BB Cream? Opinions on it?

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basia2 Mon 10-Feb-14 00:05:48

My makeup routine has been the same for twenty years: covergirl liquid foundation, maybelline shine-free powder over that, lip gloss, mascara, and some eyeliner on my top lids and brows. That's it.
But I'm beginning to think that maybe it's time to evolve. Maybe the makeup that worked for a 20-year-old me is not the best look for the new, middle-aged me.
Plus, maybe they've invented better stuff in the past two decades.
I'm interested in trying BB cream, in lieu of foundation (and maybe leaving off powder as well; I've heard the cream does the work of both).
I am a bit put off by the lack of color choices in the drug store selection of BB Creams... I have very pale olive skin, and many make-up tones look too pink on me. I'm not sure I'll find my correct shade if the only choices are light, medium, and dark.
Anyway, have you used it and what did you think?
Did it compare favorably to liquid foundation? Worth the money, or is it just another silly fad?

Sparklysilversequins Mon 10-Feb-14 00:08:41

Garnier BB cream is the absolute best. I wear it every day, with a little eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara, clear lipgloss. Takes me less than 5 minutes to put on. Honestly I wouldn't be without it.

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 10-Feb-14 00:12:17

Sparkly I thought the Garnier one was awful confused It's orange tinted moisturiser!

Korean BB creams are the original and shit on Western ones from a great height. My skin is very pale beige and they also look much better on me than Western ones which are usually too dark or too orange.

What kind of coverage do you want?

Try this sample pack. I like the Skin79 ones.

Sparklysilversequins Mon 10-Feb-14 00:52:53

I ordered one of the authentic Korean ones and found it paste like and emerged in dry patches within two days of using it. Was a Skin79 one. Didn't find it all impressive.

RockinHippy Mon 10-Feb-14 00:56:24

The CC cream is MUCH better, I found several BB creams that I tried just awful, including the garnier one too confused

I love the Olay CC cream, so much better

RunRabbit Mon 10-Feb-14 01:01:06

I use Smashbox BB Cream. It is SSSSOOOO good. I may never use another foundation again. I've always found it hard to find a shade right for my skin. This one makes my skin look amazing and I can put tons on (bad skin) and it feels so lightweight.

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 10-Feb-14 01:25:17

Sparkly do you have fairly dark skin? Because the Garnier one was just so dark on me, but then I am paler than the palest mac shade. Maybe you get on better with tinted moisturiser type ones - the Korean ones are thicker because they're supposed to be like that, the texture is not meant to be the same as tinted moisturiser type ones. I find the Skin79 ones really sheer though, Missha is the only Korean one that has foundation-like coverage. I did try some Skinfood ones that were a bit pasty though.

Sparklysilversequins Mon 10-Feb-14 01:29:04

No I'm quite pale and I use the "light" shade. Just really works for me. I had a Clarins BB cream tester and even that wasn't nearly as good and I am a Clarins fanatic usually.

netty36 Mon 10-Feb-14 04:59:01

Elizabeth Arden bb cream has updated my out of date make up and makes my skin look amazing.. Kind of airbrushed and dewy. I have ordered a Korean one from ebay so we will wait and see ;)

Marnieshere Mon 10-Feb-14 05:44:11

Garnier BB is the best I've found. I use it everyday I couldn't live without it now! I'm quite dark olive skinned and use the medium one don't find it orange at all. Fool proof, Just don't get it in your eye! Stings like hell grin

PinkandTwinkly Mon 10-Feb-14 06:06:18

I agree that the Korean BB creams are far superior.
The are are 'proper' blemish balms, rather than renamed tinted moisturisers. They normally have skin care ingredients and a good SPF.
I use the Gold Skin79, and its fab on my pale dehydrated skin and applies so easily. It covers over my slight pigment makes and gives a lovely even skintone. I do powder lightly over the top as i prefer the matte look.

The Garnier one make me look dirty and orange and it provided no coverage at all.

I think it sometimes is trial and error and finding what works for you.

birdybear Mon 10-Feb-14 06:18:13

I have seen there around and heard the talk about bb cream and now i can see there are cc creams...could someone just explain what they actually are? Not tinted moisturiser then?

RockinHippy Mon 10-Feb-14 07:40:02


birdybear Mon 10-Feb-14 10:54:08

Thank you! Not sure i am that much the wiser !

SorrelForbes Mon 10-Feb-14 10:57:47

I like the La Roche Posay BB cream in light. However, even better IMHO is the Chanel CC cream.

Floisme Mon 10-Feb-14 11:23:48

I tried the Botanics BB cream after reading rave reviews on here but I was distinctly underwhelmed. It didn't help that there were so few shades to choose from - at least with foundation, you've a fighting chance of finding a reasonable colour match.

I'm like you op, in that I think my make up could do with an update but I don't think this is the answer. And as for CC creams, I'm sorry but I think they're taking the piss.

glammanana Mon 10-Feb-14 11:31:31

I stopped using Clinque all day make-up when I finished work full time and swapped over 2 yrs ago to BB cream which works very well for an all day coverage whilst £s are not a facture I have found the perfect one for me from of all places B&M in their Pure range it goes on so so well and feels so light and I was so surprised at the price of under £2.00s.

passthecheese Mon 10-Feb-14 12:04:30

I use the boots organics bb cream in light, I am very pale and usually find these bb creams too dark, but this is perfect when I don't have a tan. I probably prefer the Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm from Boots, which is a good colour match for me and is really moisturising.

For ref I use the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in shade 52. I'm pale but with red round my nose. I usually use a bare minerals foundation over my nose to hide the red and on my chin and forehead to mop up my t-zone, this with the bb cream leaves my skin looking fairly natural but improved IYSWIM.

TallulahBetty Mon 10-Feb-14 13:29:59

The Maybelline one is lovely and leaves a dewy but not oily finish. I never wear foundation but this is perfect for when i need a bit more coverage than just powder.

bunnymother Mon 10-Feb-14 13:38:24

Can't I just mix a bit of my foundation in with moisturiser, and achieve the same result? its what I am doing at the moment, although I have run out of contact lenses so maybe I look rubbish but can't tell [peers and squints]

missmagnum Mon 10-Feb-14 13:39:15

I didn't like it, I prefer more coverage.

Floisme Mon 10-Feb-14 13:42:10

Can't I just mix a bit of my foundation in with moisturiser, and achieve the same result?
In my opinion, yes you can. I've tried both products and have found no difference whatsoever. I think we're all being royally scammed.

PenguinsDontEatKale Mon 10-Feb-14 13:44:11

I tried a couple and didn't rate them. I have combination skin so only need a little moisturiser on my nose, forehead and chin but still want coverage there. So I just ended up greasy.

Fairylea Mon 10-Feb-14 13:45:07

I'm a foundation and powder fan and having worked in cosmetics for 15 years I've tried them all. I always defer back to rimmel stay matte and stay matte pressed powder over the top (I used to work for clinique and then chanel and wore it then too despite having 65% discount!)

I am 33 and have very oily skin even though I am very fair with hazel eyes. Quite an odd combination!

I've tried all the bb and cc creams I am able to get my hands on and I just dislike all of them to be honest. The best of the bunch is the garnier one in my opinion and it looks nice on me for all of half an hour but then I take a glance of myself in a mirror and I just look all shiny and it collects in the line around my eye socket - so I end up putting powder there and before I know it I end up powdering all over just to get it to stay put.

I'm not a fan at all.

I think it's better to just use a concealer where you need to and then leave the skin bare if you really want to leave off the foundation and powder. I think blusher in a natural shade does a far better job of creating a natural glow than any bb cream.

Just my musings though.

bunnymother Mon 10-Feb-14 13:45:18

Am doing an old man chuckle at Floisme. And am relieved you think that as not feeling hugely inspired to go and track down another product.

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