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A clean 9 style diet

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sleepdodger Sun 09-Feb-14 20:40:46

Has anyone ever done a very short term style diet?
I'm looking at clean 9 which promises and seems to deliver 1/2 stone in week
I'm not stupid and know this will be mainly water etc but post do was slimmer and fitter than ever
4 years later I'm fatter blush more tired and less time able to do mug about it
I was considering it as a quick start then onto 5:2
I'm 64kg and 5,4 but look and feel better at 9st

specialsubject Sun 09-Feb-14 21:11:53

if you must, don't shell out for the scam capsules and gel. They don't sell it for your health.

I think in old money - 10 stone still fine at your height. If you are tired, check your lifestyle - eating properly, enough sleep etc.

scammy diets just feed the crooks.

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