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Hermes scarf

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SnowBells Sun 09-Feb-14 20:16:20

I'm thinking of treating myself to an Hermes scarf at the end of the month.

Does anyone have any experience with this - and what you find more practical… the 90cm ones or the 70cm ones?

chickydoo Sun 09-Feb-14 23:17:39

Marking place, always fancied one myself

vitaminC Mon 10-Feb-14 06:13:22

Have you looked at ?
She writes a blog about Hermes scarves !

SnowBells Mon 10-Feb-14 09:13:40


I'm addicted to her blog. But just wanted to see whether anyone has any experience as to what is more practical in daily life.

MrsLettuce Mon 10-Feb-14 10:17:07

As a general rule, bigger is better with scarves, IMHO.

Lavenderhoney Mon 10-Feb-14 10:22:54

The 90cm is better IMO as you can do more with it.

When you go to the shop, try both sizes and see what you like. It depends on how you plan to wear it- tucked neatly or pashmina style. I like mine to drape a bitsmile

vitaminC Mon 10-Feb-14 10:25:56

I have lots of silk scarves (not Hermès) and I prefer the larger squares as more versatile.
Please report back on your purchase smile

glammanana Mon 10-Feb-14 10:27:51

Definatley 90cms it draps beautifully and looks good with a scarf ring that bit extra length makes all the difference.

SnowBells Mon 10-Feb-14 10:36:57

90cm it is then. Will report back!!!

PigWhisperer Mon 10-Feb-14 14:05:08

How lovely!

I would ask to see both and see what suits you. I know some friends who feel a bit "drowned" by the 90cm, but I like them that size. Make sure you try it on and tie it before you decide.

Have you got your eye on a particular design?

on page 135 of this thread they have some of the spring designs

PigWhisperer Mon 10-Feb-14 14:05:32


SnowBells Mon 10-Feb-14 19:00:21

Oh, PigWhisperer - they are sooo gorgeous. Better not tempt me to buy more than one!!!

What will probably happen is I will buy one, wait for a few months (as otherwise, DH will think I've gone off the rails - it has happened before, so he's a bit cautious now), and then get another later in the year. So I may well end up with a 90cm and a 70cm, if I'm lucky.

I also really want a Hermes enamel bracelet… shock if DH ever reads this he really will think I'm at it again… blush

coffeeinbed Mon 10-Feb-14 19:54:18

90, definitely.
Hermes are lovely, quite heavy silk ,drape beautifully but really mark in the rain.

Might be good to bear in mind these days.

SnowBells Mon 10-Feb-14 23:15:02

Huh? The scarves are much cheaper (about £30 cheaper) when bought from Europe...

MrsSchadenfreude Mon 10-Feb-14 23:38:03

I have one - mine's the 90cm one. If you are ever in Paris, you can pick one up for around 100-150 euros from one of the Depot-Vente shops (like an upmarket second hand shop) in the 16th, 17th, 8th or 7th arrondissements.

SnowBells Sat 22-Feb-14 22:48:03

Ladies… I'm guilty. blush

I bought two 90cm scarves.

One is an older, but very classic Hermes design. And the other is from this season's collection.

Annoyingly, they seem to have sold out of one in a color I wanted.

But gosh, they are addictive. They seem to upgrade your outfit ridiculously well. I am thinking of getting another blush, but may wait for next season's scarves.

golfergirl28 Sun 23-Feb-14 16:54:11

I have one but never know how to wear it. How do you wear yours? I've looked at the online tutorials but nothing looks right. I wonder if my neck is too short?

Puddles1234 Sun 23-Feb-14 17:10:07

I only buy the 90cm ones they are gorgeous. And yes very addictive.

Which ones did you purchase?!

Puddles1234 Sun 23-Feb-14 17:12:17

I also have some of the 140cm ones they are perfect for a more relaxed style.

bettykt Sun 23-Feb-14 17:18:32

Any links as to which ones you bought? You've made me look at their website and I like this one

SnowBells Sun 23-Feb-14 17:37:18

The older design is the one this girl in this blog bought. Exactly the same color and everything.

The newer design turns out to be not from this season but last… it's still available on the website, and is very colorful - click here.

SnowBells Sun 23-Feb-14 17:41:59

I really want the Hermes Della Cavalleria scarf though.

Not on the website. But I thought it should have been available by now (Spring/Summer 2014).

Mignonette Sun 23-Feb-14 17:46:59

*I have a 90cm classic Pucci scarf from the 70's that belonged to my Mother. it is such a versatile size.

Go for it OP.

SnowBells Sun 23-Feb-14 18:03:22

Puddles1234 I'd love to have a 140cm one. Will save that for a special milestone...

TeamEdward Sun 23-Feb-14 18:21:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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