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Are false eyelashes difficult to use?

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Fluffycloudland77 Sat 08-Feb-14 08:54:21

I'm always put off by once seeing a relative wear them & have one lift off at the corner.

Do they have to be expensive to work? Do they spoil your own lashes like extensions did?.

PirateJelly Sat 08-Feb-14 09:03:08

Hi op, I wear them almost daily and the trick to applying them easily is to get a decent glue (not the one that comes free in the packet) and leave the glue to set for about 2 minutes so it becomes tacky (not the 30 secs most instructions say) then press down with tweezers. I always get compliments on mine and they only cost �1.99!

Word of warning though definatelt save them for special iccassions. I started wearing them daily for a few months 2 years ago (to impress a new boyfriend hmm) and now I HAVE to wear them sad I did have quite nice, thick long eyelashes but loves the effect falsies gave me. However after a couple a months of almost daily use I noticed my eyelashes had really thinned out and looked awful, so stupidly I kept wearing them. Now 2 years on I am literally left with a few short stumps and it looks like I have no eyelashes sad. I did try going without for a few weeks not long ago but there was no improvement so I'm back to wearing them almost daily or I feel really self conscious, stupid I know.

ShatzePage Sat 08-Feb-14 09:15:54

I have used a few brands of false eyelashes and the best I have ever found are the primark one's for a £1! They come in different lengths and thickness and are really easy to use. I find if I remove them carefully then I can re-use them too.

AntoinetteCosway Sat 08-Feb-14 09:41:54

You need Duo glue. Let it go slightly tacky before putting them on. Individuals are much easier than strips.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Sat 08-Feb-14 17:31:03

I am rubbish at getting them on and getting them to stay on, love the effect but spend all night being worried that they are coming loose and looking like a dead spider on my cheekshock I have invested in rapid Lash applied every night and a month or so later I have natural bambi lashes which if I use a curler and a good mascara look like falsies... result smile

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