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Ghost dress - Hollywood Greta

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Nancery Fri 07-Feb-14 22:08:45

Bit pissed and on EBay (but have seen this, sober, lots before!)
Love it but not sure if it will look good. Am a bit round of the middle and can't bear Spanx or similar. Similar more casual Ghost dresses look ok but...
Dare I?

MrsCocoa Sat 08-Feb-14 01:21:48

Did you miss it (is your link missing?)?

I got a sleeveless bias cut long Ghost dress in TK Maxx clearance last summer - I am an apple but it is quite OK. I did size up (I'm 12-14 but bought XL) to avoid it being to clingy across my middle. Think the heavyish drapey fabric helps to skim over lumpy bits. Worth keeping an eye out in TK Maxx.

Nancery Sat 08-Feb-14 09:10:25

Thanks for your reply. Took the plunge and bought it, in a depressing XL - I would have done what you did and gone a size up if I could! Bit of Googling says Ghost are quite good re apple shapes so fingers crossed. Vendor said I can send it back if not.
TKMaxx drives me mad, I can never find anything in there (other than socks!) A friend of mine comes out with the most wonderful bargains but I only seem to see tat and then lose interest!

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