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Stupid question about fabrics

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JohnSnowsTie Fri 07-Feb-14 21:54:35

I have two jumpers from the same shop, same style but different fabric compositions.

One of them is 50% acrylic 33% nylon 7% wool 5% angora 5% spandex

The other is 92% cotton and 8% wool.

Which is likely to be the most robust/will wash up the best?

burnishedsilver Fri 07-Feb-14 22:17:36

Cotton. Might shrink a tiny bit but won't bobble, will last longer and feel nicer.

JohnSnowsTie Fri 07-Feb-14 22:22:46

Thank you!

CointreauVersial Fri 07-Feb-14 22:53:36

Cotton one will fade more, though.

impty Fri 07-Feb-14 23:06:23

Cotton will last better. but wash at the lowest temp setting, and as it has wool too dry flat on an airer

JohnSnowsTie Sat 08-Feb-14 17:05:31

Thanks all. The cotton one is very pale so fading shouldn't be a prob.

So should 100% cotton vests be washed on low temp?

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