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New work/weekend wardrobe

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shelldockley Fri 07-Feb-14 10:49:40

I really need some new clothes. At the moment I have very seperate work and casual wear, which I like, but I'd like to combine them a little to get more value out of the clothes. Does anyone have any ideas what sort of things I could incorporate, this is the kind of thing I currently wear:

Shift dresses, tea dresses, pencil skirts with thin tops, short cardis
Jeans and jumpers, tunic type tops, plain tops, long cardis

I was thinking that if I got some tops and cardis that work for both jeans and work skirts, that would be better value for money than to keep up these completely seperate wardrobes! I think the trouble with the tops is that I like slim tops tucked into skirts for work, but the same tops don't work with jeans, mostly because I like to cover my tummy. Any ideas? Links would be appreciated, but I'm on a low end high street budget! TIA

shelldockley Fri 07-Feb-14 13:46:49

What do people think of this kind of look?

The top and cardi combo would look ok with the top tucked into a skirt wouldn't it?

Floisme Fri 07-Feb-14 15:33:02

They look long enough to tuck in though it probably depends on the fabric. But they still look more like work clothes to me although maybe I'm just a scruff grin

Have you tried doing it the other way round? I sometimes find it easier to make the things I wear on my bottom half fit into work and play wardrobes. Admittedly this is partly because I can wear jeans at work provided they're with something smart like a jacket. Or instead of pencil, I wear a tube skirt and either dress it up for work or down for the weekend. It does depend on your work dress code though.

shelldockley Fri 07-Feb-14 17:20:55

Thanks Floisme, I always feel funny wearing skirts for casual wear, don't know why, I can wear mini skirts with tights in the winter, or floaty summer dresses when it's hot, but my tube skirts and tea dresses I always feel overdressed in!

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