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please fix my face!

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Faerieinatoadstool Thu 06-Feb-14 20:16:00

It's horrible. Everything I wash with makes it feel dry but it gets greasy quickly. I get bits that dry, peel and scab and I get spots.
I only wear make up a couple of times a week and try to use gentle products. Its patchy with big pores.
I'm only 26!
Help! (preferably with cheap solutions!)

RatHammock Thu 06-Feb-14 20:19:15

I used to have problem skin. I started using Eve Lom which really helped though it is ££. However the best thing was changing pills and taking Dianette. Would that be a possibility for you? smile

themessyapron Thu 06-Feb-14 20:22:03

Stop washing it and start cleansing. Throw your soapy face washes away. They dry and strip your skin and will make it irritated.

You can use olive oil if you like. Or there is Avene gentle cleanser in Boots or Body Shop camomile oil cleanser. Clinique take the day off balm is good but more expensive.

Rather than start with a wet face, massage your chosen cleanser onto dry skin, all over, and then rinse using a flannel and warm water. Wipe wash until you feel clean.

Use a toner if you can and then moisturise.

Thems the basics smile I promise using oil cleansers will not make your face greasy.

Faerieinatoadstool Thu 06-Feb-14 20:37:07

I'm like this whether I'm on my pill or not.
I'm up for trying the oil thing, how long until it makes a difference? Will it get worse before it gets better?

FrankCarsonsDressingRoom Thu 06-Feb-14 20:43:38

Oil cleansing method
Quit sugar
Drink water
No soap or washes!

Jackthebodiless Thu 06-Feb-14 20:57:59

Never ever wash your face again. Then follow above advice.

themessyapron Thu 06-Feb-14 21:02:52

No reason it should get worse.

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