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Adjusting flares

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VarsityQueen Thu 06-Feb-14 16:41:45

I've got some chocolate brown cord flares from Oasis which I've had for years and which used to get a lot of wear but now they seem far too flarey IFYSWIM. I would still like them to be flared but not quite so wildly 70s style flared. Would a tailor be able to reduce the size of the flare? I have some trousers which I could take in as a template. Does anyone know how much this would cost and/or have any recommendations in north or central London? TIA!

50ShadesOfMaybe Thu 06-Feb-14 17:28:43

Depends on the cut. I've made boot-cut jeans into skinnies with a sewing machine before now. Just line-up against a pair that has the cut you like and alter on the non-exposed seam. I think there are loads of YouTube videos that show you how to do this.

With cords you might need to be a bit careful because of the line of the cords, IYSWIM.

VarsityQueen Thu 06-Feb-14 19:36:52

Thanks 50Shades, I am pretty atrocious with a sewing machine, can't even shorten trousers, so I think I will have to find someone to help but it's good to know it might be possible!

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