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anyone else have broad/narrow feet!?

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muser31 Thu 06-Feb-14 15:38:30

went to GP today as my i can't feel one of my toes. he said i need broad shoes as my footwear is compressing my toes and causing nerve damage - the front of my foot is wide, however the heel is very narrow and my foot is skinny - he says i have ballet dancers feet (i used to do loads of exercise but not dancing.)
anyhow, he said it would be very hard finding shoes that would fit both the front and the back! i don't know where to start.

SJisontheway Thu 06-Feb-14 15:44:40

Yes - I do. Its a pita. Winter not so bad as I find it easy enough to find wide fitting boots. In summer I mainly wear converse style runners (not converse, way too narrow at the toes, I have some keens and some other brand I can't recall) or wide fitting birkenstocks.

muser31 Thu 06-Feb-14 15:49:23

i will have a look an keens. it really is so hard. all the suitable shoes ive looked at so far are just so .... ugly!!! really!

hellymelly Thu 06-Feb-14 15:51:56

I have the same feet, although my foot is less skinny than it used to be! I wear Blundstone boots for everyday, or Angulus. Clarks do a wider fitting in some shoes, which was helpful when I needed some plain heeled shoes for a wedding last Summer. I buy Chie Mihara when I am more flush!

muser31 Thu 06-Feb-14 16:15:39

i have looked at those helly there are some quite nice ones but they are very expensive. looks like its going to be hard to get anything on a budget. i have tried clarks before but the wide fitting fits round the toe and then is too big everywhere else

ouryve Thu 06-Feb-14 16:20:18

Rieker fit their shoes to that particular shape, fairly well. Vivobarefoot are good, too. Clarks, OTOH, are rubbish as they equate wide feet with wide heels. It helps to have a shoe that comes higher up the foot, at the front, so it rubs less on the heel. In addition to my duck feet, I have lovely heel spurs caused by wearing courts and ballet pumps in my teens.

ouryve Thu 06-Feb-14 16:21:58

Try Hotter, too. Though their standard Extra wide are still too narrow in the toe for me and their EEE are in all the ugly styles and colours.

GatoradeMeBitch Thu 06-Feb-14 16:25:53

I have duck feet! I have a horrible time buying shoes. For high street Evans do wide fit, so do New Look.

muser31 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:09:11

great ideas thank you. i ordered a pair of canvas trainers for around the house and some sandals from the shoe tailor as they were on offer, they are 'e' fit and i have no idea if they will fit but we will see! they aren't really what i am after though (of course just excuse for shoe shopping!!) so will look at all the think new look will be easy to get too to try on the shoes and also fashionable and cheapish, so cant go wrong with starting there.

hellymelly Thu 06-Feb-14 18:16:49

Have a look at Green shoes too, they make shoes to order, you send in a drawing of your foot, with any problems that you have. I buy them for my daughters who also have wide high instepped ballerina feet!

muser31 Fri 07-Feb-14 12:39:31

i did find some lovely shoes with the links everyone gave me. have a look at these

they are gorgeous but just too expensive for me at the minute! looking for some nice heeled brogues!

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