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Oushka bags

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Coumarin Thu 06-Feb-14 04:46:38

So I procrastinated over buying the Oushka bag I loved for too long and it's now out of stock.

Does anyone know if they regularly get things back in stock or if it's gone forever?

Also are there any other brands you can recommend theatre a similar style to the Oushka saddle type bags at around £150?

I am currently using a hideously battered bag from Oasis that I can barely fit my phone in, so getting desperate!

Coumarin Thu 06-Feb-14 04:47:12

*that are

Coumarin Thu 06-Feb-14 04:58:02

Just realised I should explain what I'm looking for in case anyone has any recommendations. (I wanted the Felix in Ginger.)

100% leather,
cross body strap -can be an optional one but needs to have one,
brown or tan and all shades in between, not black,
not really structured,
prefer silver hardware,
£150 budget, will go slightly more for the right one,
Nothing mini or tiny.

So disappointed it sold out. I've had an awful few weeks and it was my treat to myself. I even dreamt about it last night.blush

Balls. sad

issimma Thu 06-Feb-14 05:51:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Coumarin Thu 06-Feb-14 09:08:51

Thanks Issi. I'll give it a try smile

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