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Wearing dresses in early spring

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PastaandCheese Wed 05-Feb-14 15:41:34

I have a number of nice, short sleeved day dresses. I wear them with bare legs and sandals in the summer and thick tights, boots and a long sleeved top in the winter.

Is there anyway to wear them in the spring when it's too cold still for sandals and bare legs but boots and tights are too thick?

I know I could wear a cardigan but I don't think I am an American tan tights sort of person so I'm stumped on keeping my legs warm.

libertychick Wed 05-Feb-14 15:50:02

Opaque tights or patterned tights with shoes rather than boots?

rollonthesummer Wed 05-Feb-14 15:53:31

I'd wear them with a cardigan and thick tights/leggings. It's still cold in spring!

cupcake78 Wed 05-Feb-14 15:59:27

Put a long sleeve top under with tights boots and a cardigan.

PastaandCheese Wed 05-Feb-14 16:23:02

I think I need some new 'mid weight' tights for want of a better phrase. I like chunky, knitted tights in winter so they just look a bit full on come March and only really go with boots.

bouquetofpencils Wed 05-Feb-14 17:57:50

Ballet flats instead of sandals or boots. And American tan is minging and not that warm. What about cropped jeggings?

BookFairy Wed 05-Feb-14 19:03:32

I wear my dresses all year round. In spring I wear them with opague tights or leggings (various colours) and loafers or ankle boots, weather depending. I tend to wear layers rather than chunky knits and have some nice cropped cardies from New Look.

burnishedsilver Wed 05-Feb-14 19:17:47

Leggings and ballet flats.

HeadFullofSteam Wed 05-Feb-14 19:21:32

Opaque tights/leggings with ankle boots or loafers/brogues or pumps. Vest/long sleeved top underneath, cardi on top depending how cold. Nice necklace. Sorted. A great look.

PastaandCheese Wed 05-Feb-14 20:14:59

I am actually due to give birth any time now so I'm thinking ahead by a month or so and normally dresses lay fallow between very cold and very warm weather.

I definitely think new tights are in order. I've worn leggings so much in late pregnancy that I'm a bit fed with them. I am going to look for some decent tights in readiness for getting my wardrobe back.

I like the idea of cropped jeans too for shorter dresses as soon as I can't fit back in them

GeneHuntsMistress Wed 05-Feb-14 23:21:18

Another vote for opaques, in funky colours

Also nude fishnets but with biker boots.

Good luck with the birth!

ScarlettMantleplume Wed 05-Feb-14 23:27:23

Was going to say nude fishnets with boots but someone beat me to it!

Either that or leggings and shoes, which was also suggested up thread.

AlicanteLullaby Thu 06-Feb-14 06:46:12

Boden do a great layering top- it's only online and listed at the end- blink and you'd miss it. I have 3 for just this purpose- they wash up well and are a fine weave so don't feel too bulky.

Pumpkin567 Thu 06-Feb-14 06:58:31

I wear with opaques, long sleeved tops and cardigans. I have lots of funky tights and loads of neutral ones.
Tk max is great for tights, I bought some Calvin klein ones and they are so nice to wear.

PastaandCheese Thu 06-Feb-14 18:39:46

Thanks all. Have ordered a few layering tops and some new tights and have dug out three nice dresses that could allow boob access.

I'm not holding out much hope for jeans fitting for a bit but dresses should be ok. I've put on 1.5 stone compared with 2 stone last time so hopefully I won't have to wait too long...... It's more the fact you've changed shape with jeans than weight though I think?

LittleBabyPigsus Thu 06-Feb-14 18:55:09

Yes, TK Maxx is fab for tights and you can also get some really good deals on ebay - I get lots of Pamela Mann ones on there which are very colourful. There are some pretty spring pastel ones which sadly I can't wear due to being a winter, but if you can wear pastels go for it.

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