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Saving the lining of a handbag - how?!

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williaminajetfighter Tue 04-Feb-14 21:48:38

I have a collection of lovely leather handbags that are still in good shape on the outside and I'm loathe to get rid of them... The leather is in good quality with little wear...

But inside is another story. The linings have been destroyed by: makeup explosions, pen ink, lipstick, mangled juice boxes, children's food ground into the bottom etc. I've tried to clean the lining but it can only get so clean...

Does anyone have any clever solutions for replacing the handbag lining? Are there professional services for this? I've yet to find one... And yet I can't be the only woman with this problem...and I'm sure that lots of people with very pricey handbags must do something to keep their bag lasting!

Any ideas grateful. This one has perplexed me for some time!

pootlebug Tue 04-Feb-14 22:44:31

These people seem to replace linings

or there's a tutorial here and I'm sure there must be others

williaminajetfighter Wed 05-Feb-14 12:06:06

Thank you so much POOTLE! Exactly what I was looking for... ta....

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