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A high lift blonde home dye...

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HaveAGoodDay Tue 04-Feb-14 13:32:58

I have light copper colour hair at the moment. It's been bleached bathed at the hairdressers a couple of times over that last couple of months, amazingly it's not in too bad a condition, albeit a tad dry & a few spilt ends! It's due a trim anyway!

At the moment, it's kind of like a neither here or there shade - gingery, a tiny bit blondey iykwim? Anyway, I think I want to get rid of the 'brassiness' to it, so I was thinking of putting on a light ash blonde. Like this one:

The ash tone should subdue some of the red/goldness that I have & with it being a very light blonde I might achieve a bit of lift do you think?

I don't wish to bleach anymore, just hoping a box colour could maybe lift it a couple of shades without it going yellow!

HaveAGoodDay Tue 04-Feb-14 17:49:31

A little evening bump?!

laska42 Tue 04-Feb-14 18:15:00

Hmm it night.,. but without bleach im not too sure..I like mine white blond and spiky so I use Live XXL 00A it does have bleach though but is easy to use , definitely lifts to a nice platinum .. my hair is naturally quite dark with grey bits (nice.. a bit tabby cat!). I find it works quite well pale tones , very little yellow , but i do tend to leave it a bit longer than they say , and also used a blue toned shampoo afterwards..

The problem is of course is that all hair is different so dont know how it would be with you . as mine is also short and spiky ,and I like the 'dark roots look' also, im not too concerned about potential yellowness and it grows pretty quick ..

laska42 Tue 04-Feb-14 18:17:40

.. having said that though . I was also thinking of putting a slightly darker blonde semi permanent on mine this time....but on top of the XXL

HaveAGoodDay Tue 04-Feb-14 21:25:39

Thanks for your reply!

Oh gosh I really don't know what to do! I just wish it was easier to achieve a more blonder shade without the dreaded bleach.... But I don't want to be blonde blonde if that makes sense!

Just a word of warning, although you are probably aware of this anyway, if you are wanting to put a darker blonde on top of platinum blonde, just be careful, any ash based colours you use could result in a khaki shade, I say from experience. (I was platinum blonde many moons ago!)

Sweetart Tue 04-Feb-14 21:45:41

These may be interesting

17leftfeet Tue 04-Feb-14 21:49:23

I put an ash blonde on to counteract brassiness

Went purple/blue

Be careful

laska42 Tue 04-Feb-14 22:18:02

No, I didn't know that haveagoodday... thanks for telling me!

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